Best book to learn arabic language

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best book to learn arabic language

Learning Arabic? Here Are 5 Books That I Highly Recommend You Own

Click here. Note FYI: The links here are affiliate links which means that a tiny fraction of any purchase will help keep this site up and running. Arabic is not as hard to read as it looks! The first volume is really easy and suited for absolute beginners and the second volume gets into the meatier, higher level content. You can listen to a sample of it here. Rocket Arabic for Egyptian very comprehensive resource but audio only. I reviewed its content here.
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Best book to learn Arabic

Recommended Books to Learn Arabic

Textbooks are some of the most traditional—and effective—tools for learning foreign languages. They provide us with the basic mechanics of a new language as well as explanations of those mechanics in our own native language. If you take a formal foreign language class at a school or other institution, undoubtedly the teacher will be structuring their lesson plans to a certain extent around the format of the textbook they are using. Unless the teacher is especially devoted to composing all their lesson plans entirely from scratch, as my own French teacher was, they will most likely be relying on a textbook to provide exercises and homework assignments. But the use of textbooks does not necessarily need to be confined to the classroom. They can also be excellent resources for the solo learner of a foreign language.

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Saudi and Gulf Arabic Books

Madinah Arabic Book 1/3 Lesson 1/23

One area where spoken varieties of Arabic have suffered is in quality books and resources. In fact, for many colloquial dialects, there's still few or even a complete lack of written material available. Most of the books you'll find are marketed for Modern Standard or Classical Arabic. As we've mentioned before , this is not helpful to people wanting to communicate with Arab native speakers. It also makes it really challenging for so many learners of spoken Arabic who want or enjoy working through course or exercise book lessons but can't. Like many courses and programs, the focus remains on formal dialects that aren't actually spoken in the real world by Arabs. So today we're going to share what we believe to be some of the highest quality books available on the market for spoken Arabic.

You could also attend group classes at a language institute, have a tutor come to your home, or learn Arabic online. Learning Arabic is often not an easy process. Even learning basic Arabic in an Arabic for beginners class so that you have a conversational level can prove tricky. It is therefore imperative that when studying Arabic, whether it is an Arabic online course or in Arabic lessons, that you take advantage of all the tools for learning Arabic. The most principle of these is to always have one thing by your side to help you learn; an Arabic book. Now that we have the internet, social media, and YouTube, why go and buy a book when everything seems to only be a click of the mouse away. In the modern digital era, the questions stands: what are the best ways to learn Arabic?


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