Best christian books for non believers

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best christian books for non believers

Finally, A Christian Book For Non-Christians | Will Davis Jr.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Whether you are a skeptic of Christianity, a seeker with doubts, or a Christian who needs to be better equipped to defend the faith, this contemporary collection of Christian apologetics books contains intelligent yet extremely readable resources to provide evidence of the truth of the Bible and a solid defense of the Christian faith. I believe this book is the best one-stop source for skeptics of Christianity and believers who want to be better equipped to defend the faith. Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek make the claim that all belief systems and world views require faith, including atheism.
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10 Books Every Slow Christian Must Read

Finally, A Christian Book For Non-Christians

One of the most common questions I receive regards which books I would recommend Christians to give their non-Christian friends who they hope may become believers. While there are many excellent books, these six come from both my personal experience of hearing stories of how people have become believers, and also an assessment of the apologetic and evangelistic value of each book. The Gospel of John. If I could just recommend one book for non-Christians to read, it would be the Gospel of John. Mere Christianity, by C. There are few books, if any, that have drawn more people to Christ than this impressive, classical, and insightful book.

Jul 15, PM. Hello, I'm looking to lend one of Lewis' books to my friend. I would like him to understand Christianity better and particularly to see that belief and love of God is not irrational. He is far more intelligent than I am and I am a very poor evangelist. I find it difficult to explain things to him or answer his questions and I often feel that I sound completely silly when I try.


Christian Non Fiction Book Recommendations

Some of you are probably expecting to find a list of such books. Unfortunately, I have no such list. If you know of a book that is effective in presenting the good news to non-Christians, please share it with us. If there are online articles or tracts that you find very effective in presenting the gospel, feel free to include those also with proper links if applicable. Frank Viola is a best-selling author, A-list blogger, speaker, and consultant to authors and writers. His mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. See his About page for more information.

As I noted last year , most of the books these leaders select are religiously committed books addressing some aspect of theology, ministry, apologetics, or the Christian life. Cook, NavPress, and Baker. I benefit from those books too. One of my deep convictions—animating much of the work I do with Docent Research Group —is that Christian leaders generally have a lot to benefit from keeping up on sociology my field as well as psychology, anthropology, philosophy, political science, history, law, and other disciplines, as well as some journalism. Before proceeding, there are four things I want to clarify:. Although this list is longer than most, I still had to make some cuts and leave out potentially helpful books.

There are three books I often give away to non-Christians. But I do hand them out frequently. Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ :. This is a book I literally order by the case. The glory of Jesus Christ is seen in the fact that competing glories are both true in the person of Jesus. The glories of humanity, and the glories of deity.

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  1. These top books for skeptics are contemporary, intelligent, and extremely Should We Use C.E., Not A.D., in Deference to Non-Christians?.

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