10 best books of 2011

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10 best books of 2011

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We all love numbers, rankings, and lists; herald the best of anything, and we're seduced. At PW, we get to pick the books published this year that stayed with us, that we talked up, handed around, and of course argued about among ourselves. The reviews staff was generally crazy for Eugenides's The Marriage Plot , and Ann Patchett's bestselling State of Wonder got on for being just terrific, while Tina Fey Bossypants is our celebrity who can write. We paid tribute to the big guns taking on the big guns: Robert Massie's Catherine the Great , Paul Hendrickson's Hemingway's Boat , and Christopher Hitchens being himself in Arguably , his collected essays. Like many of the heroines of the Victorian novels she favors, Madeline Hanna, Brown University class of English major, must choose between men: the hungry wanderer Mitchell Grammaticus or the brilliant but troubled Leonard Bankhead.
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Best Books of 2011

Best books of 2011: The Top 10 fiction and nonfiction titles from The Plain Dealer

The Goodreads Choice Awards have three rounds of voting open to all registered Goodreads members. Winners will be announced December 07, Voting opens to 15 official nominees, and write-in votes can be placed for any eligible book see eligibility below. The top five write-in votes in each of the categories become official nominees. Additional write-ins no longer accepted. The field narrows to the top 10 books in each category, and members have one last chance to vote! Books published in the United States in English, including works in translation and other significant rereleases, between December 27, , and November 30, , are eligible for the Goodreads Choice Awards.

Semifinal Round: Nov 15 - 21

Choosing is hard enough. - This has been the year of the paperback, with old books seeing off new ones, says John Dugdale.

A good book -- perhaps a cheerful fire -- and a stretch of time are bound to reward and replenish. Here are our selections for the best books of , choices that can sustain a reader through a long winter's night, and bring pleasure to a new year. Binocular Vision. Subtle, incisive and often funny -- "The cantor's a baritone, not bad if you like phlegm" -- these 34 short stories are a marvel. Often set in a fictional Boston suburb, Godolphin, a place "not so much out of fashion as beyond its reach," this is fiction of the first rank. The Buddha in the Attic. Writing in the plural "we," Otsuka follows these farm workers, maids and clerks in such incantatory prose that she lifts each detail like a razored hymn.

Choosing our 10 Best Books of the Year was not an arbitrary process, but neither was it a scientific one. How could it be, when the editors here, like all readers, respond subjectively to any work of fiction or nonfiction? The one guideline for the 10 was that they had to have been reviewed in our pages sometime in the past 12 months. By Chad Harbach. At a small college on the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan, the baseball team sees its fortunes rise and then rise some more with the arrival of a supremely gifted shortstop. By Stephen King. Throughout his career, King has explored fresh ways to blend the ordinary and the supernatural.

For boys of a certain big-collared vintage, Evel Knievel was the epitome of awesome, an action figure come to life and then changed back into an action figure, a plastic hero on his plastic motorcycle. He was also a drunk, a womanizer, a fink, a liar, a criminal, and, as Montville writes, "some crazy son of a bitch. So much of what Knievel said about himself and what others said about him was untrue, it's hard to know which parts were Bob, which parts were Evel, and which parts were the product of pure imagination. And so Montville is left to navigate through the fiction and clutter to find the truth about the man so many of us kept on our shelves. Here it is: Knievel might have been an abusive, lousy, blackhearted creep, but no one ever doubted the size of his stones.

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  1. Shifting alliances at home and abroad, ruthless accumulation of capital and endless court intrigues form the backdrop to Thomas Penn's Winter King: The Dawn of Tudor England Allen Lane , a chilling and enticing portrait of Henry VII, the founder of the Tudor dynasty that created a centralised English state.

  2. Choosing our 10 Best Books of the Year was not an arbitrary process, but neither was it a scientific one. How could it be, when the editors here.

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