Best thought provoking non fiction books

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best thought provoking non fiction books

55 of the Best Nonfiction Books to Read in a Lifetime

While a great novel can be engaging, there's nothing quite like a true story—whether that story comes in the form of deep reporting, memoir, or personal essays. Nonfiction gives us the chance to look at the world around us and learn something about how we fit within it. And nonfiction also tells us a lot about ourselves. Here are the best nonfiction books of Buy on Amazon. Sandra Allen received a manuscript of her uncle Bob's autobiography in , a sprawling page piece of writing entirely in all caps and full of streams of consciousness. She learned more about her uncle than ever before, understanding from his perspective the mental illness from which he suffered.
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Books shelved as thought-provoking-nonfiction: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry The Power of When: Discover Your Chronotype--and the Best Time to Eat.

The Best Nonfiction Books of 2018 (So Far)

From the myth of Achilles and the scourge of malaria to Dracula and DDT, Biss brilliantly expands a straightforward question—to vaccinate or not to vaccinate—into a multilayered investigation of fear and perception. Buy On Immunity. Politt, a New York feminist icon, tackles the hot-button abortion issue, which, 40 years after Roe v. Wade , still makes headlines nearly every day. Buy Pro.

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Yet I have barely managed to make it through a non-fiction book in my life. But since reading the news has started to fill me with a horror beyond belief, I have started to explore that side of the bookshop. But where to start? Recently I had the privilege of attending the Storia Summit - a gathering of leaders from around the world, mostly in the areas of human rights and socially conscious business, who are working on their own nonfiction books or memoirs. An event I would recommend to anybody from the bottom of my heart. More info here.

So instead of trying to reinvent yourself, why not read some nonfiction books to help yourself be the smartest, most interesting, well-informed person you could be? Add to Bag. Alexander Hamilton , by Ron Chernow Another mandatory pick for Hamilton fans; the book the musical is based on! In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex , by Nathaniel Philbrick If you want to impress with facts from forgotten tales, this riveting thriller details the shipwreck of the Essex, the boat that inspired Moby Dick! No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, history is history, and it never hurts to remember it. The wives of Henry VIII had interesting lives before they met him, and his impact on their lives—and in some cases, their deaths—altered history.

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