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best touch and feel books

10 Best Touch and Feel Books of - Soft Touch and Feel Baby Books

Babies are always grabbing, holding, and rubbing everything they can—and why not? All those everyday textures and sensations are brand new to infants and help them learn about the world around them. Used by permission of DK Publishing. Introduce your child to his soon-to-be favorite extinct critter: the dinosaur! Used by permission of Parragon Books. Colors take a starring role in this sturdy board book, with a different texture paired to each color—from a rough sandpaper blue kite to a satiny-smooth green leaf!
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Reading touch and feel books

Kick-start their learning and feed their imaginations with these interactive, richly-textured books, featuring colourful animals, expressive faces, noisy vehicles and lots of opportunities to play.

Popular Touch and Feel Books

Your kids may be too young to truly understand a story or, face it, even sit up without tipping over. The books, which let kids pull, twist, rub, and pet characters and objects, not only invite them to be a part of the story but also help them learn how to interact with the world. Here are 8 great tactile tales to experience with your kids. But this puppy-centric tale is a good first choice. Despite its length, the book has a lot of items including, yes, a puppy to touch. At least for 15 minutes or so.

The classic Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt has introduced generations of children to the world of touch-and-feel books. Now these books are more interactive and fun than ever. They mix the traditional elements of reading a picture book with touching, listening and even chewing! Here are 14 interactive storybooks sure to help your child love reading. Find a favorite for every personality, whether your little one prefers pandas, pirates or princesses.

There's nothing quite as wonderful as a book for babies, and when that book not only has images and text but also tactile elements for your baby to explore?.
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I have always been a reader- non-fiction, mysteries, love stories. Had a whole cupboard full of books before my angel came into my life. Being in Mumbai with small houses and keeping one cupboard full of already read books was pointless, so we gave everything away to make space. Little did we know that we are making space for another reader in the house and her books :. I always wanted AMAIRA to enjoy books more than toys, so I bought one set of touch and feel, sensory stimuli books for her when she was 6 months old. I can see her enjoying her time with books, taking them out of the boxes herself, sitting in one corner and then putting them back in the box when done, taking care of them. Sometimes she enjoys standing on them and tries to balance herself!

Treat your tot to a fun sensory experience with touch-and-feel books. These interactive books put the story in their tiny little hands as they explore the different textures, colors, and shapes. Whether they are gliding their fingertips over a smooth tuft of fur or dragging their hand onto a bumpy silicone surface, your babe will be hooked from the first touch. Here are 10 to add to your tot's bookshelf. This classic book by Dorothy Kunhardt is a must-have for every child's library. Originally published in , it was the first-ever touch-and-feel book.

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  1. Treat your tot to a fun sensory experience with touch-and-feel books. These interactive books put the story in their tiny little hands as they.

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