Best nonfiction books about latin america

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best nonfiction books about latin america

The 10 best Latin American books of all time - Telegraph

Galeano explores in depth why a land so rich in mineral wealth remains a hotbed of raging poverty and ostentatious displays of wealth, exploring the colonial and modern influences of the Spanish, British and US forces and how this continent, like no other to quite the same extent, has been brutally exploited for its riches. The true story follows the years he spent in San Pedro and the prison tours he used to offer to travellers who would spend a day inside, and which even found their way into the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to Bolivia. What would it be like to travel the length of the Americas, from Boston right through Central America and out into the heart of Patagonia? Only Theroux can tell you in this epic trip through this vast, unforgiving continent. British explorer and acclaimed documentary filmmaker Hugh Thomson sets out to re-discover the Inca stronghold of Llactapata, buried deep within the cloud forest of Peru. Worldly Adventurer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.
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Tories: Fighting for the King in America's First Civil War

Books shelved as non-fiction-latin-american-cultur: Samba by Alma Guillermoprieto, In the Land of God and Man: A Latin Woman's Journey by Silvana Paterno.

Latino Heritage Month - Non-Fiction

So many of the books published by Latino authors this year seemed to be working in response to our burning dumpster fire of a political climate. Carmen Maria Machado, Cristina Rivera Garza, and Mariana Enriquez all used horror story tropes to deal with the real-life horror of violence against women; Samanta Schweblin and Juan Villoro do the same with environmental issues. We also were lucky enough to get straight-up radical joy and sorrow from poets like Melissa Lozada-Oliva, and Marcela Huerta and memoirist Miryam Gurba. These books are all worth a read, whether to transport you to a totally different world, like the California gold rush in In the Distance or a Brooklyn suffused with old magic in Shadowhouse Fall , or to engage with the world and see it all the more clearly, no matter how difficult the looking may be. Tell Me How It Ends leaves the question of its title urgently unanswered, and lights a fire under the reader to get them involved. Born in El Salvador, Zamora crossed the border to rejoin his parents in California at the age of 9.

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We would recommend using this list as a jumping off point to find new favorite writers, to read further, and to write your own story. The book-in-verse centers on Xiomara, an Afro-Latina growing up in Harlem caught between the strict religion her mother is raising her in and her desire to find her own voice.

Luis J. He found a way out, through education and has made it his mission to help others. The comic artist Pere Joan Riera, aka Pere Joan, is known for his underground comics which satirize politics and social customs. One of modern Cuba's major writers, Arenas holds back little in this candid autobiography. Originally a young guerrilla fighter with Castro, he then spent 20 years in prison under the regime he had supported. The love affair is overwhelming and changes Torregrosa's life forever.

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  1. Books shelved as latin-america-non-fiction: Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent by Eduardo Galeano, Silence on the.

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