Best scary books for middle school

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28 Scary Books For Kids

With Halloween approaching, I thought it would be fun to round up some of the best horror books for tweens. I hope you love my picks as much as I did! I would hide in my room with the blankets over my head and headphones on my ears whenever my family watched movies like Poltergeist and what not! With books, though, the scarier the better! All of the horror books below are appropriate tweens and young teens, at least in my opinion.
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Don't Read These After Dark: A Horror Book List for Tweens

So here are some scary books for kids to frighten your willing offspring and excite their dark imaginations. At the edge of town lives a girl witch who needs to rid her house of its spooky ghost problem in this sweet story. How will she get the monsters to leave her alone? A little girl creates creatures from the stars she catches. When a new girl arrives at school things take a far more sinister turn.

If your middle schooler is seeking a book that will make her hair stand on end, she will enjoy these eight scary reads. The chilly air, few hours of sunlight, and howling wind make the season the perfect setting for a spooky book. Many kids love creepy stories — but finding the right reads can be a challenge. Here are a few kid-approved favorites — for the brave. Protagonists Uncle Montague and his nephew Edward feature in this collection of short, eerie tales. Edward loves visiting old Uncle Montague, who happens to have a storehouse of stories locked in his brain, each one creepier than the last.

Keep your family well read

You can often spot a young Stephen King fan in the making. Here are a few choice scary books to get them started. Add to Bag. The kids have been playing an ongoing fantasy game ruled over by a china doll creepy! A coming of age scenario a lot of kids will be able to relate to! Coraline discovers a door in her drawing room that leads to an alternate reality.

Is there an appropriate level of scary for middle school? As always, it varies from kid to kid, but there are some writers who seem to have truly tapped into what makes a middle-schooler squirm. Case in point: R. Stine, the massively popular creator of the Goosebumps series. This might be the greatest Halloween book ever written.

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