Best nonfiction science books 2014

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best nonfiction science books 2014

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Some of our greatest writers have also been some of our most prodigious drinkers. Her travels may not definitively answer why writers drink, but they shed a great deal of light on why these writers all men did. The restaurant kitchen, with its fast pace and soup of personalities, has given us some of the most memorable nonfiction of recent years. His sharp prose and technical detail carry the reader through an exhausting day and night of work, which thankfully ends in drinks. The author spent years developing sources and knowledge in the region and delivers a story that derives real emotional impact from his passion for Afghanistan, and his sorrow at its fading from Western view into a morass. Just Mercy is the tale of a black man, whom Stevenson represented, convicted of murdering a white woman in Monroeville, Alabama—yes, the hometown of Harper Lee.
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Make sense of a disrupted world. Lorien Kite. Report a mispronounced word. Publishers have their faults but they do not forget anniversaries. This year in books, accordingly, was always going to have an elegiac tone, so dominated by the centenary of the first world war that it often felt like we were commemorating its early stages in real time — as indeed we were. Other milestones competed for our attention.

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White observed in a wonderful interview. They must tell you what something is and why it matters, captivate you to care about it and tickle you into taking pleasure in understanding it, and leave you in a higher state of awareness regarding whatever subtle or monumental aspect of the world the book had made its subject. After the best art books of the year , here are the most stimulating science books of , possessing this trifecta of merit. The book, made all the more poignant by Dr. Like Marie Curie, whose wounds and power sprang from the same source , Dr. At eighty, he reflects on a defining feature of his interior landscape:.

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