Best book for ob gyn shelf

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best book for ob gyn shelf

Best Books and Resources: Obstetrics and Gynecology Rotation |

Blueprints is a paragraph-based, detailed textbook purposefully written for the Ob-Gyn rotation and shelf exam which has been well touted by SDN and Reddit. The current edition comes with clinical vignettes and questions at the end of each chapter. This is not the proper text if you have a week to cram but, if time permits and you schedule out your studying the rotation, this is a fantastic resource tailored for the shelf. Where Blueprints is a thorough textbook, Sakala's High Yield is an excellent concise resources to quickly learn commonly tested Ob-Gyn pathology and pertinent details. Chapters are outline based, and always start out with definitions and terminology for that particular chapter, which is a nice touch. There are appropriate tables and diagrams to help guide understanding and each chapter ends with a few "clinical situations" where a patient snapshot is given and the proper management is given with some clinical pearls—all high yield situations that are commonly tested on the Shelf exam. A great supplemental text—or primary if used in conjunction with plenty of questions.
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How to Honor OBGYN Shelf Exam (Over 90th percentile)- Resource List

Top Resources for Ob-Gyn Rotation Case Files for the Ob-Gyn shelf, on the other hand, was the exact amount of Check out the book here.

Obgyn Clerkship and Obgyn Shelf Exam

July 13, This post is part of our series on the best books and resources to help you perform well on your third year rotations and shelf exams. At the beginning of each of these clerkship lists there are a few things I must say. First, your grade on clinical rotations will depend on both your clinical performance and your performance on a shelf exam at the end of the rotation. As a resident, I currently find myself filling out medical student evaluations every week. You have no alternative but to study!


HOW TO ACE OB/GYN ROTATIONS - Best Obgyn Study Resources, Routine, Honor Third Year Clerkships

With so many study aids and books out there for each clerkship, how do we sift through the noise and find what works best for us? With shelf studying, stick to as FEW resources as possible so you can finish them and not feel overwhelmed. Be sure to also check out my tips on surviving clerkships in third year, tips for studying effectively , and my ultimate medical school survival guide for comprehensive resources. Many shelf questions will be pulled from these practice exams verbatim. Such great information!!

Hi everyone! During that time, I finished my obgyn rotation, went to St. Plus, it was my favorite block during my second year. For my 3 weeks of Ob, we started at 6AM and rounded on patients on the floor who had previously delivered. Morning report consisted of discussing patients on the floor and cases to be done that day. If a patient was close to delivering, we would enter the room with the residents and help with the delivery.

Therefore, this rotation can sometimes seem a little daunting. Take extra care to consider the privacy of your patients. When it comes to the NBME exam, there are a lot of choices for resources. Some top resources include:. You often will treat women who are scared but excited while carrying their first child. You may examine a patient who has never had a speculum exam before. Other women may be apprehensive to have their breasts examined by a medical provider.

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