Best new military science fiction books

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best new military science fiction books

What's your pick for top military sci-fi book/series of all time? -

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The Top Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Of All Time

I was floored by what I read. There was a lot that went over my head but it was the coolest book I had read up to that point. It also started a life-love with science fiction and fantasy novels. Like a lot of other genres, the military is a prominent part of a lot of stories — so much so that there is a sub-genre of military science fiction and fantasy novels. There is a lot of stuff out there, some of it crap.

In these eight military sci-fi books, battles are taken to space, where humans and aliens alike fight for their own causes. The beginnings of the subgenre can be traced back to the late s and early s—with stories from well-known authors like H. From Robert A. Heinlein to Joe Haldeman, there are numerous authors who have made the subgenre what it is today. Whether the story follows a man who turns on the galaxy he once loved or a group of human soldiers destined to fight forever in space, these military sci-books will grip you—page after page. Take a crack at one of these eight books now, and immerse yourself in the trials and triumphs of war. Devante is the prince of the Acolyte Empire, and since he was a child, he's fought to free the clone slaves from the Clone Defense Force and to stop this practice all together.

Earth is introduced to extraterrestrial life by the Galactics, who tell world leaders that an invasion by another alien race, the Posleen, is coming, and they are bringing with them a terrible book cover. He uncovers secrets that challenge the foundation of the current human government. A Talent for War is a good example of science fiction mystery. It is, however, arguably his most famous, and sets the stage for several well-regarded sequels. When the alien Mimics invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor called a Jacket and sent out to kill.

Military science fiction is a subgenre of science fiction that features the use of science fiction technology, mainly weapons, for military purposes and usually principal characters that are members of a military organization involved in military activity; occurring sometimes in outer space or on a different planet or planets. Weigh in on the poll below feel free to add your own suggestions and then duke it out in the comments!
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Dark Space: The Complete Series (Books 1-6)

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  1. When David Weber praises a sci-fi novel, it moves to the top of our reading list, and he calls Valiant Dust “new and extraordinary. science fiction novels for a reason — Orson Scott Card creates a military sci-fi masterpiece.

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