Best fashion books to own

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best fashion books to own

12 Books to Read if You Want to Work in Fashion - Fashionista

The best fashion catalogues give us a unique insight into a world we often admire from afar yet rarely get the inside scoop on. This is a visually stunning and informative history of haute couture fashion in Paris, taking us chronologically through its fascinating story. What truly sells this book are the gloriously glossy images, photographs and sketches. Paris Haute Couture is a glorious thing to own and hold and marvel at. Chanel addict?
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One Book EVERY Designer Should Own

Reading List: 13 First-Rate Fashion Books

Curious to know more about this industry and the people who have defined it? But there are so many great fashion-related reads on the market right now that it can be hard to know which ones are absolutely essential. Scroll down to discover and shop 15 of the best fashion books of all time. Learn how the inimitable DVF went from life as a globe-trotting princess to single-handedly changing the way women dress and empowering them, to boot. Agins explores how fashion went from being an elitist industry to one that caters to the mass market, sharing plenty of juicy industry anecdotes along the way. Callahan unpacks the alternative fashion era that was the '90s by focusing on the most iconic personalities from that time.

Though Women in Clothes is a relatively new book, its concept is groundbreaking. Heti, Julavitas and Shapton surveyed over women about their feelings and perspectives on fashion. Tavi Gevinson, Lena Dunham and Cindy Sherman answer questions like, "What's the first investment item you ever bought? Eighty-six year old Betty Halbreich's newly penned biography is a both charming and hilarious at the same time. Halbreich spent over 40 years at Bergdorf Goodman as the personal shopper and has the stories to prove it in I'll Drink to Tha t. Read about the many avant-garde collaborations she arranged for the magazine, with artists like Man Ray, Andy Warhol and Avedon, all painted in picturesque detail. Get the inside scoop from the fashion crowd of the 90's in Champagne Supernovas.

An indicator of personal taste and passions, your coffee table library says more about your cultural calibre than you may realise. Not only does flicking through a beautiful, image-heavy volume inspire conversation and creativity, but a good coffee table book is the chicest way to achieve major interiorgoals. From her early beginnings in as the Fashion Editor at Harper's Bazaar, to the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue , Vreeland's legacy transformed the fashion industry. A woman of gumption, her story demands a spot on your coffee table. Those who missed the famous exhibition will take pleasure in this hardcopy offering.

There are so many great books on the market now that it can be hard to know which are absolutely essential reads. See which are the best.
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Required Reading for People Who Work in Fashion, Want to Work in Fashion, or Simply Love Fashion

From histories and biographies to annotated coffee table books and theoretical texts, there are many, many terrific books on the subject of fashion. In fact, a browse through the fashion section of Amazon or even at the public library can be overwhelming. If you're seeking to gain a broad understanding of the fashion industry and how it works, we suggest beginning with these 12 foundational texts. These are books that offer a broad overview of the forces shaping today's fashion system, from profit margins to marketing to celebrities, as well as those that capture a specific decade, or decades, of fashion history. Though slightly dated now it was published in , Agins, a longtime fashion reporter at The Wall Street Journal , offers an overview of the modern fashion machine: how the big conglomerates, like LVMH, came to be; the triumph of marketing over design and, by extension, brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren; the wheeling and dealing behind celebrity dressing; and more. Also recommended: James Lavers's "Costume and Fashion: A Concise History," which will take you through Paleolithic dress all the way up to , and Valerie Mendes and Amy de la Haye's "20th Century Fashion," which offers a decade-by-decade breakdown of styles and the cultural movements that drove them. Cline In , 95 percent of the clothes Americans bought were made in America; today, that number is less than 3 percent.

From Martin Margiela's manifesto to a comprehensive history of Balenciaga, these are the best fashion books to buy, gift and read. There are fewer greater gifts than a fabulous fashion book: the sort of large-scale, hardbound edition that is both impressive and informative, brilliantly illustrated and just as well-written. Equally, there is nothing more disappointing than a rubbish one, the type quickly cobbled together in time for Christmas with the intention of capitalising off panic purchasers. So long as you are interested in fashion, you will surely have someone in your life who makes earnest efforts to gift you related reading materials — and so that you don't end up with the sort of book that tress have been felled for in vain, here is the list to send them. Equally, if you're looking to give someone a present they will genuinely treasure, you're in luck. With no further ado, here is our edit of the best fashion books — those which will make Christmas morning a true delight. Related reading: Vogue's guide to the best fashion documentaries.

Place them in prime position on the nightstand to promote sweet fashion dreaming or high away on the mantel piece for others to observe from a distance. Alexander McQueen was deemed one of the most influential, imaginative, and forward designers of his generation, challenging fashion conventions and expanding ideas about race, class, sexuality, religion, and the environment. Fashion items in their own right, books about designers beautifully illustrate the joys and the pains associated with creating one's own fashion empire. Some of the world's biggest creators and the houses they inhabit have released snapshots and words that paint their inner worlds - acting as a source of inspiration and reflection for design newcomers and lovers of fabric and textiles to appreciate. Pin It. Share Pin It Tweet Email.

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