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Tamiya RC Perfect Guide Details (comes with a Moko-chan RC guidebook) - TamiyaBlog

If you also print a popular QR code and jump to the Tamiya homepage using smartphones and mobile phones, you can enjoy RC videos. All-color A4 size, 38 pages with plenty of volume. Introduce the basic knowledge of customization and optional parts that can be attached with images. Activities at the World Rally Championship, introducing the popular tooling model, including Yaris WRC, whose popularity is also rising. In addition, pick up a number of new products mainly on topic items announced at the All Japan Hobby Show venue.
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Published 20.04.2019

Beginners guide to Tamiya's TT-01 electric RC touring car chassis

Tamiya's extensive lineup of radio-controlled vehicles provides a fulfilling building experience. These small racers feature a shaft driven 4WD chassis powered by two AA batteries. Tamiya ventured into the modeling business in , with a scale wooden ship model kit.

More details on upcoming 63653 Tamiya RC Perfect Guide 2017

F1 machine, racing buggy from touring car, big tire models, such as the force of the trailer and tanks, is issued by the version of the introduction was Tamiya RC Perfect Guide with Tamiya RC models all products rich color photograph of. There is also the guide of the main chassis is also useful to choose from the chassis. Of course, rich in uniform option parts exhaustive mixes the color photos and product descriptions. It is an indispensable guidebook to Tamiya RC fan. Happily introduce moko-chan and foundation rabbi Mr.

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There are guides of the main chassis and it is convenient for selecting from the chassis. In addition, Dr. Of course, the abundantly available optional parts covered the color photograph with the product explanation added. In addition, special body set that only readers can purchase is prepared. It is a guidebook full of information indispensable to Tamiya RC fans. Taki speaks! Unfortunately from what we heard it was only included in the Japan market version.

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