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chess books pdf full version

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Chess guide : The positional play The purpose of this book is to explain to the beginners and the intermediate chess players the basic elements of the positional play: Weak squares Open files, half open files Control over the center Queenside - kingside pawn majority Pawn structures Mobility of the pieces Bad bishop, advantage of the bishop pair more This book includes the descriptions of the positional elements and the illustrative games of the grandmasters. After reading the description, you can examine the illustrative games that I analyzed and annotated in order to better understand how the positional elements are executed in practice. Buy now. Chess Combinations Checkmates Stalemates This e-book includes the annotated checkmate and stalemate combinations from the games of the grandmasters. You will read how they won and how they prevented the defeat. Checkmate combinations Stalemate traps Stalemata combinations When you read this e-book , firstly take some time to find the correct move.
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To make sure that this new knowledge sticks, it is then tested by a selection of puzzles. The course is structured in three series with three levels. The Fundamentals level is the easiest one, Beyond the Basics is more challenging, and Mastery is quite difficult, even for stronger players. The various topics — Tactics, Strategy, Positional Play, Endgames, Calculating Variations, and Openings — are spread evenly across the nine volumes, giving readers the chance to improve every area as they work through the books. This book is the second volume at the Beyond the Basics level.

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This is a list of chess books that are used as references in articles related to chess. The list is organized by alphabetical order of the author's surname, then the author's first name, then the year of publication, then the alphabetical order of title. As a general rule, only the original edition should be listed except when different editions bring additional encyclopedic value. Examples of exceptions include:. Authors with five books or more have a sub-section title on their own, to increase the usability of the table of contents. When a book was written by several authors, it is listed once under the name of each author. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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