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sathya sai parenting book pdf

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Rita Bruce and her husband for two interviews to guide them with the publishing of a new manuscript. When the manuscript was complete, Bhagavan said, "Call it Sathya Sai Parenting; it is for all my devotees". It is about the importance of inculcating discipline in children. In this interview Bhagavan stresses on the need for morality-based education and discipline-based parenting. Character Through Example Have you ever thought that if we don't tell our children, "No," how will they ever learn to tell themselves No? Stop and think about this, it is very important.
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Page 1 Workshop on Value Parenting Sheela Sridhar Sathya Sai School, The 3 Secrets To Your Bulimia Recovery △△△ .. reign supreme, where regular study of holy books are undertaken.

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The home is a temple where each member of the family is a moving temple and is nurtured and nourished. The mother is the high priestess of the House of God. Humility is the incense with which the house is filled. Reverence is the lamp that is lit with love as Oil and Faith as wick. Home is heaven when there is Love and understanding and the same becomes hell when there is distrust and hostility.

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Rita Bruce. Let's investigate this subject of controlling or disciplining our children. From the time they are born, until they mature, you are their conscience. When they are infants you rush to fulfill their survival needs. They become habituated to your constant response and the behaviour begins. You are giving them what they want.



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  1. Good Parenting where every day both are engaged in the reading of books that feed the soul where the name of the Lord is sung and His glory is remembered.

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