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chemical reaction engineering books pdf

Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2nd Edition [Book]

It has been about 10 years since the first edition of this book was published, and it is probably appropriate to begin by offering a justification for writing the book initially, and generating a second edition. As noted in the preface to the first edition, there are many good textbooks on chemical reaction engineering in existence. Many of the existing books on chemical reaction engineering are both excellent and comprehensive. However, it can be this very comprehensiveness that may make them confusing to the neophyte. Most books contain material sufficient for several courses on chemical reaction engineering, although in some books the more complex topics are touched on only lightly. Other texts contain a mix of undergraduate and graduate level material, which can also make it difficult for the beginner in this topic to progress easily. This book, therefore, is not meant to be either comprehensive or complete, nor is it intended to offer a guide to reactor appreciation or give detailed historical perspectives.
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Reaction Engineering

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For 30 years, H. Now, in Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Second Edition, Fogler has distilled this classic into a modern, introductory-level guide specifically for undergraduates. Fogler successfully integrates text, visuals, and computer simulations, and links theory to practice through many relevant examples. Its multiple improvements include a new discussion of activation energy, molecular simulation, and stochastic modeling, and a significantly revamped chapter on heat effects in chemical reactors. To promote the transfer of key skills to real-life settings, Fogler presents three styles of problems:. About the Web Site umich. The companion Web site offers extensive enrichment opportunities and additional content, including.

Reaction Engineering clearly and concisely covers the concepts and models of reaction engineering and then applies them to real-world reactor design. The book emphasizes that the foundation of reaction engineering requires the use of kinetics and transport knowledge to explain and analyze reactor behaviors. The authors use readily understandable language to cover the subject, leaving readers with a comprehensive guide on how to understand, analyze, and make decisions related to improving chemical reactions and chemical reactor design.
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Residence time distribution measurements for non-reacting mixtures showed that macromixing was invariably good. The rate of oxidation of o-xylene over a supported vanadium pentoxide catalyst shows that even under unfavorable conditions, temperature and concentration gradients in the reactor are small. A novel application of on-line simulation was developed to provide flexible, realistic, safe student experiments to illustrate multiple steady states and dynamic instabilities in the design and control of stirred chemical reactors. An exothermic reaction is simulated in a small CSTR using only steam and water. Heat generation in the reactor, produced by live steam injection, is controlled as a dynamic function of reactor temperature by an on-line analog computer which provides the reaction kinetics and reaction rate-temperature relationships. The reactor exhibits three steady states and under closed-loop temperature control demonstrates limit cycle phenomena. It has been a valuable teaching tool, and with the addition of direct digital computer control its application is extending to research into reactor control algorithms.


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  1. Chemical reaction engineering reaction engineering or reactor engineering is a specialty in chemical engineering or industrial chemistry dealing with chemical reactors.

  2. Fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering / Mark E. Davis, Robert . This book is an introduction to the quantitative treatment of chemical.

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