Alex rider stormbreaker book summary

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alex rider stormbreaker book summary

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Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz is the first novel to feature teenage spy, Alex Rider. In this novel, Alex's uncle dies in what he is told is a car accident. However, after doing some investigating on his own, Alex discovers his uncle was actually murdered. Convinced he never really knew his uncle, Alex continues to try to find out why someone would kill him. This leads to a meeting with Uncle Ian's employers who tell Alex his uncle was a spy for a special division of the MI6. Alex is blackmailed into finishing his uncle's case, a case that could lead to Alex's own murder. Stormbreaker is an exciting, suspenseful novel that jumpstarts the career of a highly unusual spy.
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They told him his uncle died in an accident.

Stormbreaker Summary & Study Guide

Stormbreaker is a young adult action-adventure book written by British author Anthony Horowitz , and is the first novel in the Alex Rider series. The book's plot revolves around Alex Rider being secretly recruited into MI6 to investigate the Stormbreaker computer factory and stop a terrorist attack that will kill hundreds of thousands of British school children. A film adaptation , starring Alex Pettyfer as Alex Rider, was released in The book begins with Alex Rider learning that his uncle and guardian, Ian Rider, has been killed in a car crash. Unknown to Alex and his housekeeper, Jack Starbright, Ian's job as a banker was actually a cover for his role as an MI6 agent.

Everything starts when Alex's uncle and caretaker, Ian Rider, is killed in a car accident. Alex is devastated by the news and worried about his future, but he has questions about the official story—nothing seems to add up. Alex only gets more suspicious after he meets his uncle's bank coworkers, who all seem like they have something to hide. Alex's suspicions lead him to a creepy junkyard, where he finds his uncle's car, and it doesn't look like it's been in an accident—it looks like it was shot up with bullets. He visits the bank the next day and tries to sneak into Ian's office, but he's caught by Mr. Blunt, the head of the bank. Finally, Mr.

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Late one night, 14 year old Alex Rider finds out from a police officer that his uncle has died from a car accident. He hears from the officer that if he had been wearing a seatbelt, his uncle might have had a chance at survival, which doesn't make sense to him because his uncle is a very careful person. Throughout the first few chapters, Alex discovers little clues that point to a different death, including bullet holes in the windshield, and his uncle's boss appearing at his funeral with a handgun.

Sign in. After the death of his uncle, the year-old schoolboy Alex Rider is forced by the Special Operations Division of the UK's secret intelligence service, MI6, into a mission which will save millions of lives. Alex Rider thinks he is a normal school boy, until his uncle is killed. He discovers that his uncle was actually then redirected up a mountain in his coffin for burial. Alex is recruited by Alan Blunt to continue the mission.



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