Homeopathic medicine book in urdu

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homeopathic medicine book in urdu

Azmooda homeopathic nuskhajat[1] by Farhan - Issuu

Nice and very good collection of books www. Good very nice educatedsony. Post a Comment. Shaukat Ali Shukani for free download or read online. This is a best homeopathic medicine book in Urdu The sickness and the system of transmission are in the hands of Allah. He affects the person who wants and causes great health as he wants. Along with this, he has encouraged the use of drugs at the time of illness and to carry out the obvious means.
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Select Your Remedy Dr. Das Bishambar (Urdu)

His father Christian Gottfried Hahnemann [3] was a painter and designer of porcelain, for which the town of Meissen is famous. As a young man, Hahnemann became proficient in a number of languages, including English, French, Italian, Greek and Latin. He eventually made a living as a translator and teacher of languages, gaining further proficiency in " Arabic , Syriac , Chaldaic and Hebrew ". Hahnemann studied medicine for two years at Leipzig. Citing Leipzig's lack of clinical facilities, he moved to Vienna , where he studied for ten months. His poverty may have forced him to choose Erlangen, as the school's fees were lower. In , Hahnemann took a village doctor's position in the copper-mining area of Mansfeld , Saxony.

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Download the free homeopathic book select Your remedy written by Dr. Das Bishambar and translated in to Urdu with the aid of Habib Ullah Sadiqi… free download this book here,. Homeopathy is a gadget of herbal fitness care that has been in global use for over two hundred years. Homeopathy treats all of us as a unique person with the aim of stimulating their personal recuperation ability. Hahnemann became born in Germany two hundred and fifty years in the past. The practice of Homeopathy is primarily based upon technological know-how while its application is an art. Homeopathy is founded on two standards that have come about often for the duration of the records of medication, both in eastern and western worlds.

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  1. A detailed urdu language book in this topic to educated and affluent people now homeopathy is increasing attention.

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