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final fantasy vii story book

Final Fantasy VII Remake Leak Possibly Reveals Character Redesigns, Story Changes, and More

It was released in Japan on December 15, An English translation of the book was produced by fans. The first half was released in December , with the second released in September The book was officially released in English by Yen Press on January 22, The novel primarily follows Evan Townshend , a private detective living in Edge , and his interactions with the Turks and other employees of the Shinra Electric Power Company , leading to a confrontation with Kadaj. The "Lateral Biography" in the original title employs synoyms of the English words "side" and "story".
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Final Fantasy VII - The Movie - Marathon Edition (All Cutscenes PC HD Remaster Mod)

The franchise was, for a time, regarded as one of the greatest in gaming culture -- and for good reason. Each cinematic game brought players to new worlds beyond their imagination. Fans of the franchise have been promised a remake of Final Fantasy VII for well over 20 years now, and promised every successive year that it was coming. But now the game's release is near. Cloud Strife and his companions return in , but they return to a world that arguably needs them now more than ever. The city is the central headquarters of Shinra Electric Power Company, a corrupt organization that simultaneously rules the world and runs a successful business pumping Mako out of the Earth, which it uses as an energy source. Shinra's influence on the world economy and government has resulted in a great class divide, manifested physically by Midgar's two levels.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Square Enix surprised fans recently with a brand new trailer showing off the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake , and while the release date still remains unknown, we at least have a bit of new footage to look at. A recent report hinted at the upcoming title dropping at some point over the next 10 months, which would surely be okay with everyone that is excited for the game. That said, a recent leak may have revealed a host of differences from the original Final Fantasy VII , including story changes, character redesigns, and more. The leak in question came from someone claiming to be an employee at the El Segundo, California location for Square Enix. They took to Reddit to share the information, and while the original post has since been deleted, the Internet never forgets. Essentially, another Redditor was able to secure the leaked information and relayed it on another post.

It has been released in four languages including Japanese and English. Denzel proceeds to tell Reeve about his life prior to the fall of Meteor; the narration includes Denzel's parents dying when the Sector 7 plate fell, living with Reeve's mother afterward, and ultimately surviving Meteorfall and becoming a scavenger in the ruins of Midgar before being rescued by Cloud. This story consists of Tifa Lockhart 's account of the events following Meteor's destruction, overlapping in part with Denzel's story. Tifa, Cloud, Barret , and Marlene open a bar in the city of Edge , and try to begin their new lives. Barret eventually leaves to settle his past, and Tifa, Cloud, and Marlene form a family, including Denzel after Cloud finds him.

Advent Children takes place two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII and focuses on the appearance of a trio that kidnaps children infected with an unexplained disease. He discovers that the trio plan to resurrect the villain Sephiroth using the remains of the extraterrestrial villain Jenova, and he and his compatriots from the game fight to stop them. The film has been released in multiple versions; Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete , released on Blu-ray Disc in , is the last version and adds 25 minutes of new and expanded scenes to the minute original.
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The World of Midgar

The Shinra Corporation is draining the Planet of its life-force. Cloud Strife, a cold-hearted mercenary with a history connected to Shinra's elite army, SOLDIER, finds himself working for a rebel band of eco-warriors who are set on bringing the Company down. His immediate past unknown to him, Cloud accepts a mission from the group, AVALANCHE, unaware that it will begin him on a journey of self-discovery which will change not only his life, but the lives of every soul on the Planet. Final Fantasy VII is a story of love, hate, war, and peace - in which one man can make a difference that will last forever…. Its success encouraged developers Square-Enix to continue the saga, telling the story through various mediums. Special thanks to Dennis Petersson, Glenn H.

You can check it out here:. Or exacerbated by straight-out plot omissions possibly due to development cuts or poor translation. The format of the book starts from the very beginning of the story and features bite-sized paragraphing. This make it easy to digest without becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters and events that populate the series. The core game itself has been re-released on a multitude of consoles most recently the Nintendo Switch. All this has opened the game and its story to whole new audiences. However, there is still one group of people who have not been targetted.

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  1. This book is brilliant, funny, raw and utterly magnificent ― it's a portal to a world you'll never want to Final Fantasy VII: The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story.

  2. Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novelisation. 33K likes. Click the weblink below to access free eBook downloads of this peer-acclaimed, large-scale.

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