Parts of a book jacket

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parts of a book jacket

How to Design a Book Cover or Jacket

Paul anatomy , beginner , book binding , bookbinding , instructional , tutorial 0 Comment September 17, In this tutorial we will look at the different parts of a book the anatomy of the book ; understanding the individual parts of a book will make it easier for you when following the rest of our tutorials and will prove to be invaluable in your bookbinding journey. If you have ever been confused by the jargon used to describe the physical parts of a book, then this video will help. We explain and demystify a series of terms including spine, boards, hinge and joint, leaf, endpapers, book block and plates. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get access to HD videos of hundreds of Book Binding tutorials and reviews! Check out reviews, prices and further information here on Amazon. A short, random selection of topics discussed within this book that might be of use to budding bookbinders:.
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How to cover a library book

A Brief Directory of Parts of a Book

Dust jackets are the most difficult book components to size. Last week, I covered sizing paperback covers; this post is about laying out your dust jacket files in InDesign or Quark so that they fit properly. It is not a post about color theory or design or typography, just nuts and bolts book geometry. However, to reiterate my earlier recommendation: have your printer provide a template showing you the exact dimensions of your dust jacket. At Bookmobile, contact your customer service representative.

Teachers will often assign book jacket designs as school projects because the design of a book jacket or cover contains intimate details about the book it encases. This is a combination of a literature assignment and craft project. When you design a book cover, you have to know a lot about the book and the author. Your summary must not give away too much about the story! Your book jacket should contain an image that intrigues a potential reader.

Rare Books and Manuscripts

For long-term fans of my blog, you may have picked up that I am working on a book about props. To get in the spirit of things, here is a diagram and definitions of the various parts of a book. Other posts on my site you may like Parts of a Cigar, Cigarette, Pipe and Matchbook I made a diagram to show the anatomy of these common smoking implements The First Post I started this blog for several reasons. The first is simply that there are no other real prop

This is the jacket for the hardcover Red Handed with the book taken out. This is American Born Chinese. This is Relish. The french flaps parts of this picture are the part with the croissants in the front and the part with the author photo and bio in the back. This is Primates. The endpapers are the green parts — the paper pasted to the hard cover boards and to the first page of the book. This is Odd Duck.

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