Odd girl out book chapter summary

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odd girl out book chapter summary

Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Rachel Simmons

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ODD GIRL OUT: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls

An absolute must-read for anyone who has or works with kids. Simmons's research into the how and why of the "mean girl" phenomenon will open your eyes to what's really going on in our schools and in girls' lives--and what we can do about it. This book did open my eyes and not in a positive way. To be honest I was kind of shocked but the author is right about lots of things. Especially how girls use each other and how they do not want to confront others.

Odd Girl Out provides awareness for advisors and coaches alike as it explores the mysterious underworld of female aggression in the formative years. Rachel Simmons uses each chapter to investigate various means and methods to bullying in the world of girls and presents insight into the potential destructive tendencies of female social circles. Focusing on the importance of social status among young women, Simmons deconstructs how conflict becomes a cancer on relationships. She also explores how girls manipulate others in order to maintain in good social standing. As advisors and coaches, this book is a worthy read as it sets the stage for what to expect when we encounter young women with fresh bruises from high school or even as early as elementary school. Chapter Four is noteworthy to advisors and coaches as it discusses the effects of social media on girls. Simmons mentions a case study in which a girl uses Facebook to witness her best friend back at home drift away from her.

The antagonists are the girls that are the bullies. Plot Summary My book, “ Odd Girl Out”, is a book about the bullying going on in girl's lives.
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Odd Girl Out Part 1

Although more than 16 years have passed, Rhodes Scholar Simmons hasn't forgotten how she felt when Abby told the other girls in third grade not to play with her, nor has she stopped thinking about her own role in giving Noa the silent treatment. Simmons examines how such "alternative aggression"—where girls use their relationship with the victim as a weapon—flourishes and its harmful effects. Through interviews with more than girls in 10 schools in two urban areas and a small town , as well as 50 women who experienced alternative aggression when they were young, Simmons offers a detailed portrait of girls' bullying. Citing the work of Carol Gilligan and Lyn Mikel Brown, she shows the toll that alternative aggression can take on girls' self-esteem. For Simmons, the restraints that society imposes to prevent girls from venting feelings of competition, jealousy and anger is largely to blame for this type of bullying. It forces girls to turn their lives into "a perverse game of Twister," where their only outlets for expressing negative feelings are covert looks, turned backs and whispers. Since the events at Columbine, some schools have taken steps to curb relational aggression.

It sheds light onto the topic of school hostility and bullying among girls. Vanessa Snyder Alexa Vega is a respected eighth-grader in her school. She has a loving divorced mother, Barbara Lisa Vidal , who is proud of her academically and socially successful daughter. Vanessa is also "in" with the popular clique , which consists of her best friend Stacey Larson Leah Pipes , the queen bee , and Nikki Rodriguez Elizabeth Rice , who is secretly jealous of the bond between her two friends. On the exterior of the circle is the outsider , Emily Shari Dyon Perry , and the " wannabe ," Tiffany Thompson Alicia Morton , who desires to make it into the group. A web of lies, nasty rumors, and manipulation ensues, and Vanessa is ostracized by the clique for " backstabbing " Stacy.

What they're doing is bullying one another. They are socialized to be nice above all else, even honesty, she says. As a result their aggression is channeled into nonphysical, indirect, hidden forms. Simmons writes that girls "use backbiting, exclusion, rumors, name-calling and manipulation to inflict psychological pain on targeted victims"; they "fight with body language and relationships instead of fists and knives [as boys do]. In this world, friendship is a weapon, and the sting of a shout pales in comparison to a day of someone's silence. Simmons claims her book is the first one "devoted to girls and nonphysical conflict. Margaret Atwood explored similar territory in 's Cat's Eye.

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