100 greatest comic book villains

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100 greatest comic book villains

The Top Comic Book Villains - frikilife.com

Login Signup. Added by moviebuff on 1 Dec The Joker. Doctor Doom. Lex Luthor.
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Published 10.02.2019

Top 10 Best Comic Book Villains!

Top Comic Book Villains IGN. List items. 1. Magneto. X-men. 2. Joker. Batman. 3. Doctor Doom. Fantastic Four. 4. Lex Luthor. Superman. 5. Galactus.


Who are the best comic book villains of all time? This list of top supervillains in comics includes some of the most notorious evil-doers in comic book history. Are they the best or worst, depending on how you view supervillains? Vote them up! Feel free to add any great comic book villains who are missing from the list, and you can also re-rank this list your way, in any order you like. Any and all great comic book villains have one thing in common: They are the absolute arch rivals of some of the greatest and best superheroes in comics' history.

As of , comic books have been with us for 75 years. In that span, countless heroes have arisen and captivated generations of readers with their courageous exploits. But a hero is nothing without a good villain. What's the point of being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound unless there's someone to test your mettle? Who will reign supreme?

Sure, the hero gets a tower or a Bat-Cave, but the villains get secret lairs too, and they use them to plot, scheme, and throw awesome parties presumably. They also get to have a pretty wild life with no responsibilities, running around town blowing stuff up. Maybe, just maybe, they even get to rule the world someday. Often erroneously referred to as the first mutant that's actually Selene En Sabah Nur was born in ancient Egypt at the time of the Great Pyramids construction. His tribe believed him to be a freak due to his facial markings and threw him into the desert to die while still a child. Eventually, his powers manifested and he became fast, strong, and most importantly, immortal. He conquered much of the world until he came across a starship constructed by the cosmic beings known as Celestials.

Can you name the top 100 comic book villains (according to IGN)?

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