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sound of waves book online

The Sound Of Waves by Yukio Mishima (Paperback, ) for sale online | eBay

It is a coming-of-age story of the protagonist Shinji and his romance with Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the wealthy ship owner Terukichi. It has been adapted for film five times. Shinji Kubo lives with his mother, a pearl diver, and his younger brother, Hiroshi. He and his mother support the family because Shinji's father died in World War II after the fishing boat he was on was strafed by an American bomber. However, the family lives a somewhat peaceful life and Shinji is content to be a fisherman along with his master, Jukichi Oyama, and another apprentice, Ryuji. Things change when Terukichi Miyata, after the death of his son, decides to bring back the daughter he adopted away to pearl divers from another island. Raised as a pearl diver, the beautiful Hatsue wins many admirers, including Shinji.
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The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima - EPUB, MOBI, and AZW3 format. Book Description: The Sound of Waves is a novel by the.

The Sound of Waves

It is a sweet and simple tale of two lovers on an idyllic, isolated Japanese island in the post-WWII period who must deal with the disapprobation of their fellow villagers. While it is not considered one of Mishima's best works, it is nonetheless a popular one and is seen as quite divergent from the majority of his oeuvre. Mishima received the Shincho Prize from Shinchosha Publishing in for the work. Mishima penned this novel after a trip to Greece and a study of its culture; Mishima scholars Dick Wagenaar and Yoshio Iwamoto wrote that Mishima appreciated the "harmonious balance between intellect and flesh" evinced by the Greeks and that his novel "radiates an aura of gentle affection and endearing innocence. Reviews were quite positive; Edmund Fuller's review from the New York Times wrote that "the colorful setting is an enchantment, but the basic appeal is universal. There is one animated adaptation of the novel released in North America by Central Park Media, and five Japanese movie adaptations with the original Japanese title of Shiosai released in , , , , and

The Sound of Waves is a timeless love story that tells the story of Shinji, the virtuous son of a village woman, and Hatsue, the daughter of the wealthiest man on the island. In The Sound of Waves, Yukio Mishima creates an exquisite story which has strong idealistic and mythic features. Although Mishima writes of young love and tranquility in The Sound of Waves, his later works are categorized as aggressive and containing violent sexual actions. Even Mishima himself referred to The Sound of Waves as "that great joke on the public" qtd. The novel, The Sound of Waves, presents a case of two young lovers from the rural, simplistic fishing island of Uta-Jima. As the novel progresses, the young lovers face multiple struggles that are resolved towards the end of the work. The tranquil diction used by Yukio Mishima in The Sound of Waves is very important to the calm island setting used in the story.

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It tells of Shinji, a young fisherman and Hatsue, the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the village. - Skip to main content.

Set in post World War 2 Japan, the book follows a young adult, Shinji Kubo, who lives helps support his mother and brother after his father died in an accident during the War. Uta-Jima is the small island where the novel takes place and mainly the people fish for a living. Shinji works as a fisherman under the leadership of Jukichi Oyama and along the apprentice, Ryuji. The plot heats up when the wealthiest resident, Terukichi Miyata calls back the daughter he adopted away when she is his last living child, Hatsue. Chance meetings lead to a love between Shinji and Hatsue; however, rumors of more than just puppy love spread to Terukichi and they are forbidden from meeting. Needless to say they find ways of communicating, Shinji is tested by Terukichi, the false rumors are fixed, and everyone lives happily ever after.

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