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dr clare bailey new book

Dr Clare Bailey: Know Your Sugar Levels | The Fast

Signout Sign in Create an account. Ainsley Harriott. Dr Clare Bailey. Sort by. This ratatouille is wonderfully versatile, delicious served warm or cold. It can be easily reheated in the microwave, so also makes a handy packed lunch. A super-easy yoghurt that makes a great dessert or breakfast.
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Published 16.02.2019

The Fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosley

Introducing our brilliant new health columnist Dr Clare Bailey

Lurking below the surface is a much larger group — those with pre-diabetes. These are people whose blood sugars are high but not yet in the diabetic range. The actor Tom Hanks was told his blood sugars were creeping up, yet he only decided to do something about it when he developed full blown diabetes. Finding out and then taking positive action matters because having persistently high blood sugar levels, even if they are not yet in the diabetic range, will damage blood vessels and leave you at greater risk of stroke, heart disease and dementia. The good news is that by making simple diet, exercise and lifestyle changes you can fully reverse the process and return your blood-sugar levels to normal. You can start by cutting back on foods full of sugar and refined carbs, such as biscuits and cakes, but you should also reduce starchy foods such as white bread, potatoes and white rice, along with restricting calories to get weight back to normal.

But short cuts are very much part of her life. And as of this week, she adds YOU magazine health columnist to her rounds. He reversed his type 2 diabetes by combining a low-carb Mediterranean-style diet with intermittent fasting and introduced the nation to the way of eating with the bestselling book The Fast Diet. It has been the dynamic of their relationship ever since they met more than 30 years ago at medical school in London. So who better to bring YOU readers the latest science-backed health and wellbeing issues with a real-world spin than Clare? She grew up in Wimbledon, Southwest London, in a medical family: her father is a retired GP, her mother was a child psychiatrist and her grandmother was one of the first women to go to medical school. She always wanted to be a GP and took an additional BSc in psychology to support her chosen career.

Following Dr Michael Mosley's No. Dr Clare Bailey, GP, and acclaimed food writer Justine Pattison have created meals which are tasty and easy to make, from breakfasts and brunches, soups and shakes to more substantial suppers and even occasional indulgent treats. All the recipes are based on the low-carb Mediterranean style of eating now proven to revolutionise your health. Whether you are embarking on an intensive weight-loss programme to prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes, or simply want to bring down your blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your mood and general health, The Fast Recipe Book will inspire you to change the way you eat for ever. Please sign in to write a review.

Clever Guts Diet Recipe Book: delicious recipes to mend your gut and boost your £ (36 used & new offers) by Dr Clare Bailey and Michael Mosley.
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  1. The GP, cookery writer and mother-of-four reveals her passionate approach to diet — and views on HRT.

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