Cannot connect to wd my book live

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cannot connect to wd my book live

Can no longer access My Book Live - Other Network Drives - WD Community

My, MBL paused when transferring a file over ethernet from my Mac to the device. It just never completed the process. I have tried the restart at the back, as well as the usual disconnects of power and router. Do you feel the NAS vibrating or do you hear the hard drive spinning? How does it behave in a Windows system? Net 4 and reinstalling.
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Published 26.02.2019

Connect WD My Cloud or NAS Directly to a Mac or Windows PC With Ethernet Network Cable

Connection To WD MyBookLive stopped working (after 3 years)

Then the other day, I could no longer access it from any of my computers. The lights above and below the network connector work — the bottom one is on solid and the top flashes. I did the reset with the paperclip on the little hole on the back, but that made no difference. Any ideas on how I might access it enough to copy the data off? I finally concluded that it was something with the networking part of electronics that went bad. What I did was to take it all apart and removed the actual hard drive. I downloaded Disk Internals and was then able to read and copy all of the data onto my Windows computer.

I can see the files via the internet and via a MAC. When creating a share using IP it sort of connects but then a Windows Security box appears asking for user is and password. I rebuilt my machine with latest window and now have the same problem.
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I have a mybook live 1T that is about 3 years old. It has over 4k photos on it, plus my itunes library. We have recently moved. I unplugged the mybook and it has been unplugged for about a month. I am reconnecting it and trying to access it from my imac. We have different internet provider at our new house.

When I open the network location with File Browser the MyBookLive icon is there as a Storage , but it is not listed in the directory tree at the side. Then the IP address of the drive appears listed in the directory tree, but only as long as it is open. After closing, it disappears again. Win10 FileExplorer Network. Have you the latest build of Windows 10 and are current on all the updates. Also, just make sure that the Workstation service is enabled, started and configured to start automatically with Windows. Have you got any third party firewall programs?

The Ping request could not find the host mybooklive. Also I cannot see it when I search my network. I am using Windows 7 by the way,. I can feel the hard drive moving. The lights on the back where I plug the ethernet are on and the light where i plug it into my router is flashing to signal transfers.

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  1. Mybook live-we have new internet and I can't connect to my computer sure that the computer and My Book Live are connected to the same network, and try WD Link

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