Emergency medicine books for medical students

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emergency medicine books for medical students

Reading For Your EM Rotation EMRA

When it comes to preparing for your 4th year emergency medicine rotation, deciding which books to read and how much to read can be perplexing for students. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of texts that will prepare you and build your EM knowledge base while on rotation, but no consensus on which is best. What is certain is the amount of time you commit to reading about EM topics directly correlates with how much you learn. Start with the basics - How much should you read? This really depends on how you learn. Do you need to see it in text before in person to really understand how to diagnose and treat PID?
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Published 27.04.2019

Emergency Medicine and Continuous Learning – Jessica Stanich, M.D.

Best Emergency Medicine Books – 2018 Review Guide

Knowing what to do in emergency situations is a key requirement of the medical profession. And the knowledge of what to do in these situations must always be at your fingertips — your specialty notwithstanding. One of the best ways to learn emergency medicine is to invest in good books on the subject. Here are some of the best emergency medicine textbooks available in the market. While there is no single textbook that covers everything that you need to know in emergency medicine, this text covers almost all. From emergency situations in adult medicine to those in pediatrics, ob-gyn, and other specialties, this book has got you covered.

Are you an EM-bound medical student? Do you want to improve your basics and dive into the Emergency Medicine world? Or do you want to shine during your EM clinical rotation? You are then in the right place! This is a list of resource suggestions that ranges from classic textbooks to free online resources in Emergency Medicine. Textbooks will give you the necessary background for a life in Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine Books – Things to Consider

Please Note: If you buy anything from Amazon directly from these links, the podcast gets a small commission at no cost to you. If you feel uncomfortable with this, just search for the book directly at the book store of your choice. This is the most incredible way to read books. Forget Paper, buy a kindle! And of course, I can recommend the publications of EB Medicine in my opinion, the best evidence-based EM publications out there—note I am biased as I am on the editorial board of their general EM journal. Check out their.

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  1. Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine-Billed as a review book for the boards, this book is . Medicine-How about a book to recommend to rotating med students.

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