Is v for vendetta a comic book

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is v for vendetta a comic book

V (character) - Wikipedia

Starting in March, , it originally ran in a British anthology comic called Warrior , and later in its own ten issue comic published by DC. It features several of Alan Moore's trademarks: Anarchy portrayed as a positive force, mixing fiction and historical fact, and large amounts of cynicism. It's the late s in an Alternate History , and Britain is ruled by the Norsefire Party, a fascist government headed by "the Leader", Adam Susan, that came into power after World War III broke out in , during which the United Kingdom avoided getting hit by any nuclear weapons, apparently the only European nation to do so. Cameras are on every corner, surveillance vans roam the streets, and the government has long since rounded up any deviants or undesirable citizens that would otherwise taint the purity of Britain. On November 5th, , a young woman named Evey Hammond, with a job that pays too little to live on and no prospect of anything better, goes out after curfew to try her hand at prostitution. A run-in with a few rapist policemen is interrupted by a mysterious man in a Guy Fawkes mask, a man who kills several of the policemen and takes Evey to a nearby rooftop, giving her a spectacular view of his next act: blowing up the Houses of Parliament. Though frightened by the man at first, Evey decides to join in his campaign against the ruling powers of Britain, one that quickly spirals from a few acts of destruction into something that threatens to plunge the entire country into anarchy - which is, of course, exactly what V wants.
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V for Vendetta- Comic Review

V for Vendetta

Alan Moore has distanced himself from the film, without having seen it. He asked for his name to be removed from all promotional materials, because he had no involvement in writing the script or advising director James McTeigue. The film follows the spirit of the '80s miniseries, but adds its own plot elements that make for some significant changes in the final third of the story. IGN FilmForce loved the film, but what about those changes? We compare the movie to the book without spoiling too much so you can see how the Wachowskis altered V to fit their own agenda.

In the early '80s, Alan Moore created one of his best-loved comics, V for Vendetta. He tortured, he killed, and he rebelled against a corrupt government over a ten-issue limited series. In fact, the two properties are so different that, when the film premiered, Moore refused to see it and requested his name be pulled from any marketing materials. To be fair, Moore has never had anything nice to say about Hollywood adaptations of his work, but with our current political climate being the burning bag of dog feces that it is, it might be a good time to see just how the movie and the book differ Now, Thatcher was always a controversial figure.

The background and identity of V is largely unknown. He is at one point an inmate at the infamous " Larkhill Resettlement Camp ", one of, if not the worst of many concentration camps where political prisoners, homosexuals, Jews, Pakistanis, Muslims and probably all non-Europeans are exterminated by Britain's new fascist regime, Norsefire. While there, he is part of a group of prisoners who are subjected to horrific medical experimentation , conducted by Dr.
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This series provides examples of:

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  1. V for Vendetta is a British graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd . But with five or six strips an issue, regular [readers] only needed two or three favorites to justify their buying the title." In writing V for Vendetta, Moore drew upon a comic strip idea submission that the DC Thomson scriptwriting.

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