What age are roald dahl books suitable for

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what age are roald dahl books suitable for

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Well, one thing is for sure. Do you like giants and witches and heroes and snozzcumbers and monkeys and rainbow lollies and giant chocolate cakes and even more giant peaches? All the things Billy was allowed to do were boring. All the things he was not allowed to do were exciting. There he meets the amazing Minpins; tiny people who live inside the hollow trees.
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Classic children's library: 4-7

This is probably the most difficult age to choose for. There has been a huge boom in books for this age group; but sadly a very high proportion are not about reading but about learning to read, which is something entirely different. As a parent it is hard not to be swept into the learning-to-read race, although it is worth reminding yourself that unless your child has some undiagnosed condition they will eventually learn to read, just as they once learned to walk, talk and use the potty; it is just that some do it quicker than others. But it does not matter if they do it at four, or do not start until seven: far better than worrying yourself and them about decoding the squiggles, you should provide them with books that give complete experiences, that take them on wild journeys of the imagination, that offer them visual stimulus, and that make them laugh and think about the world around them. As soon as children do start reading, parents often think pictures are unnecessary. In fact they are crucial.

I Hate School, by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross (Anderson Press £5.99)

I'm reading Matilda to my five-year-old but my husband thinks she is too young and that we should wait until she is seven. Is five too young to enjoy Matilda? While there is much in Matilda that a five-year-old would enjoy — primarily Matilda herself and, of course, her lovely relationship with the wonderful Miss Honey — there is also a lot in the book that is Dahl at his most brutal and his most snobbish.

Log in or Register. Suitable for 9 - 11 years. To help you find what you're looking for, see similar items below. More books for 9 - 11 year olds. Imagine being kidnapped while you slept by a giant whose stride is as long as a tennis court!


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