Classic books for 14 year old boy

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classic books for 14 year old boy

25 classic novels for teenagers - Telegraph

Well, no. His younger brother, 11, reads plenty but his attention and tastes are scattershot. He careens from graphic novels to Percy Jackson to the odd classic recently, E. Basil E. Like any parent, particularly a female one, I puzzle over what might draw in these mysterious males. Here are a few to try:. Adapted for YA readers, this version allows boys fascinated by war stories, heroism, sports, survival, and just an amazing true adventure story the chance to relish the details in both words and, in this edition, illustrations.
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appeal to a confident year-old reader. This might be seen as an adjunct to the list of 50 books to form the building blocks of a child's library.

The well-read teenager: brilliant classics for young adult readers

These classic books, by literary legends like Harper Lee and J. Salinger and modern novelists including J. K Rowling and John Green , will show your teenager the best that being a bookworm has to offer. Hinton set the groundwork for YA fiction when she wrote The Outsiders in high school. It's been 20 years, but anything new out of Hogwarts still makes teens go wild.

Summer is fleeting, just like the youth. But the books that we read in our young days stay with us for the lifetime. Yes, classic novels do look intimidating, but there is a lot of romance, fun and sword wiggling beneath those hideous covers. The diary was discovered in the attic where Anne spent the last years of her life. In the journal, Anne gives vivid details of her experiences during the World War 1.


Go to a typical bookstore and have a look at the children's classics area. More often than not, there won't be much more than a few babyish fairy tales, maybe some Austen and a Dumas squeezed in. But you shouldn't be afraid of venturing into the "adult" classics fiction; yes it may be stuffy-looking and the covers can be ugly, but there is a lot of fun, romance and sword-waggling to be had in classics. And think about it: a lot of the books you love and re-read were written thanks to the inspiration found in some of these books. The language may be classic, but there are jokes, romances and action bursting from the margins of all these. Younger readers on the young adult scale would enjoy the childhood misadventures in Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome, or the Hardy Boys mysteries, which remain delightfully cheesy and fun to read.

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