Writing solid code 20th anniversary 2nd edition pdf

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writing solid code 20th anniversary 2nd edition pdf

Writing Solid Code – A Random Walk through Software

Writing Solid Code tackles the serious problem of how to write bug-free code by sharing proven development strategies that help you catch bugs automatically , with little or no effort, and help you eliminate entire classes of bugs altogether. When I set out to write the first edition of Writing Solid Code twenty years ago, I had a simple thought in mind: Give programmers proven tools, techniques, and philosophies to help them write rock-solid, bug-free code. At that time, I thought the book would reach a tiny niche market: Very experienced project leads who were running large teams of programmers. I had no idea that the book would become a runaway best-seller, eventually being translated into more than 16 different languages. Nor did I anticipate that Universities around the world would use the book in their computer science courses. To give one example, in Chapter 2, I promote the philosophy of using program assertions to alert programmers to situations that should never occur in a bug-free program. Some seasoned programmers have read that suggestion to mean that I propose that you should use program assertions for error-handling and they rightfully disagree with that use of program assertions.
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SOLID Principles Of Object Oriented Design Presented By Steve Bishop @ MINICON 4-8-17 (edited)

Steve Maguire

Microsoft Press. Greyden Press. No - there's a different technique for each bug. Don't let the subtitle put you off. There's a great deal of good advice given here, mostly practical, some less so. It makes you wonder how many of the techniques are actually practiced at Micro Soft. It probably should also be added that most techniques for writing good code require good programmers.


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