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In the digital era, film photography has become an artistic craftsmanship. In this book, the awarded portrait- and wedding photographer Terese Brandwold casually, intimately and educationally offers you a guide to starting with film photography with small and medium format. This book presents a guide to different kinds of film, how to meter the light, the difference between digital and analogue format, how to shoot with strobes, double exposure and much more. The book is for you who wishes to begin with film photography without handling the process afterward in the dark room. I have written the book I wish I had access to when I started photographing with film.
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Wedding Photography: How To Not Suck (25 Tips)

Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography Just about every photographer, who advances beyond vacation photographs, thinks about shooting weddings at some point. And why not, weddings are fun, right? Everyone is having a good time. The event is filled with emotion. Its a perfect moment to capture images you just dont come across every day. Each of us has our own purpose for wanting to delve into wedding photography. At this moment, were going to give you the best piece of advice that youre going to get from this guideDont start out taking money, and selling yourself as a wedding photographer, until youve seriously photographed several weddings as asecondary photographer.

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The Wedding Day: A step-by-step guide to photographing the wedding day, including a 5-step formula to bride and groom portraits in under 20 minutes, a handy posing guide and a bonus section on lighting receptions and the first dance. Editing : A simple workflow using Adobe Bridge to save you time and overwhelm, including how to batch process, when to use more advanced software and the all important backup process.

The Best of Wedding Photography. Bill Hurter started out in photography in in Washington, DC, where he was a news photographer. He even covered. After graduating with a BA in literature from American University. PhotoGraphic magazine, he held practically every job except art director.

Imagine this. The music is playing and the bride begins her walk down the aisle. Her stomach is filled with butterflies from nerves and excitement. But somewhere farther down that aisle, is the first-time wedding photographer. Their stomach is also aflutter from the pressure of getting that great shot. Or risk ruining a wedding day.

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