How many books are in the chronicles of vladimir tod

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how many books are in the chronicles of vladimir tod

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Book List

Share on:. High school is hard enough for most kids, but for half vampire Vlad, it really bites. First there's his blood cravings — how exactly do you sneak a pint of O neg into your lunchbox? Then there's his enlarged fangs, his ever developing powers that Vlad doesn't know the extent of and the fact that his crush seems to have a thing for his best mate. Add to the mix a strange substitute teacher who makes mythology the focus of their English lessons, forcing Vlad to confront his dark side in a rather public forum, and eighth grade pretty much couldn't get any worse. Then the substitute starts asking some rather prying questions and Vlad starts to worry his cover has been blown. Could the new substitute have something to do with the disappearance of Vlad's old English teacher?
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Heather Brewer, novelist, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Boxed Set

So happy with the great deal this was!! My daughter loves these books and will enjoy them over and over!! This is one of my 10 year old son's favorite lines of books. He read them all from the library and wanted them for his birthday so he could read them over and over. I ordered the set online for a very good price - had been marked down to almost half of the retail value. When I got it in the mail and opened it, I realized it only had 8th grade through 11th grade books in it and the final one, the 12th grade book, which was of course my son's favorite, was not included with the set. If it weren't for that, I would've given it 5 stars.

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Heather Brewer discusses The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

And don't you forget it. He is the subject of the Pravus prophecy, a prophecy predicting the rise of a half-vampire who will enslave the human race and rule over vampirekind. His eyes flash purple whenever he touches a glyph, drinks blood, etc. He was left an orphan at age 10 after a fire in his home that supposedly killed his parents, and then lived with his aunt Nelly afterwards. He has incredible Pravus powers, and due to being both vampire and human, understands both species better and considers himself a bridge between both worlds. Being in a relationship with a human, nonetheless having a child with one, is illegal in Elysia, so Tomas and Mellina married and had Vlad in secrecy, with the help of Mellina's best friend, Nelly. According to an entry in his diary, Tomas had thought that his son would come out deformed, as "punishment" for breaking Elysian laws, but Vlad was born healthy, yet pale and ravenous.

Life can't be easy all the time for any teenager dank. But Vlaimir is no ordinary 13 year old, in fact he is a hybrid between vampire and human. His mother was human and his father was a creature of the night. Vladimir is a one of a kind vampire also known as the Pravus, the half- human half-vampire legend that will soon enslave the human race and rule over vampire kind for all eternity. But how could Vlad turn into this monster they say he will soon become, he's a student of Bathory Middle School and lives off of blood bags and raw animal meat his guardian, Aunt Nelly supplies him with. Vladimir is the only one left the only vampire in the world,so he thinks.

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  1. The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is a 5 book young adult series by Zac Brewer. The first three . Eddie is spared when Henry shows up and convinces Vlad to wait until not as many people can see them fighting. Vikas tells Vlad a story about how.

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