How much do book translators make

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how much do book translators make

Translating a novel: price range? (Money matters)

You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Translating a novel: price range? Track this topic. Nov 12, I usually ask for. How much should I charge my client when signing the contract?
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Working As A Subtitle Translator for Netflix And My Career Journey


Doing translation work fills the first need; becoming a successful professional translator fulfills the second. Of course, first you have to decide if becoming a translator is worth it. These statistics provide a more complete breakdown of the translation and interpretation industry in the United States, complete with salary data. The darker shade of blue, the higher the annual mean wage. The five highest states, with their annual mean wages for translators and interpreters, are the following:. One thing to notice about this data is that the states with the highest annual mean wage are not necessarily the states with the highest population, which you might expect at first.

Back in , I wrote this post about how much freelance translators earn. A reader recently sent me a series of questions about translator income:.
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Translator Salaries

Finding and contracting the right translator for a book is the responsibility of the acquiring editor. It may surprise you to hear that translators have exactly the same rights over their work as authors. Translators are authors of their translations just like other writers, which means they are entitled to copyright and royalties. Translators have often been seen as machines performing a technical operation, or eccentric book-lovers willing to pour over a labor of love. Either way, low fixed fee payments become the norm. Thankfully this vision of translators is changing.

All I can really tell you is based entirely on my own experience, but should be helpful nonetheless. As creators and copyright holders of a new text, literary translators should be granted royalties as a matter of course. I am absolutely adamant about this and ask for royalties on every book published. Note: I am not always successful, but I do bring up the topic and argue the point. If a work sells well in translation, that is due in no small measure to the translator and he should be compensated appropriately. Translators are rarely offered royalties but publishers sometimes capitulate if you press hard enough. Even though it is our right to earn royalties, not one standard contract from a publisher has included a royalty clause.

Several times a year, I get e-mails from aspiring literary translators who want to learn more about the profession. I remember only too well how difficult it was to get concrete information or assistance early on in my own career, and I hope to change that in some small measure. Not one author, agent or editor has ever asked me for my CV or educational qualifications; they are more interested in seeing what I can do by means of a translation sample. That being said, I have noticed more and more Masters programs being offered in Translation and Creative Writing. Such studies can only help you grow as a writer and translator. Though the following is not an exhaustive list by any means, here are just a few of the programs I have heard about in the last couple of years:.

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