How much does book by cadillac cost

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how much does book by cadillac cost

BOOK by Cadillac Luxury Vehicle Subscription Service to Be Introduced in Los Angeles and Dallas

Cadillac is burnishing its reputation as a luxury-brand iconoclast with the introduction of its Book "vehicle subscription" service in New York City on Thursday. And it's making another big play for younger consumers in the process. The General Motors-owned premium brand will offer Book members access to their choice of popular Cadillac models for however long they want the model, then the ability to switch to another model. But Book will carry no commitment to lease, finance or buy a vehicle; at the same time, it will not amount to ride- or car-sharing. At least the gist of the ownership experience will remain under Book, but with a lot more flexibility.
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Published 09.06.2019

Cadillac unveils its $1,500 per month car subscription service called Book by Cadillac! Is the...

In January, GM's Cadillac brand announced the beta launch of its new Book service, which is a subscription-based concierge service for all Cadillac cars. Users pay a flat fee and have access to whatever Cadillac car they want, whenever they want.

Cadillac pauses its $1,800-per-month car subscription service

Subscribers could swap cars 18 times a year. Every time a vehicle came back, it had to be cleaned and detailed so it felt like new to the next driver. Scratches had to be buffed out, and minor body panel damage straightened out and repainted. Snags with the back-end technology used to support the service made some customer-service functions tedious and time-consuming, adding costs for the company, these people said …. There were little problems, such as when subscribers wanted the delivery guy to move the junk from one car to the next. That could mean a car seat, empty shopping bags in the trunk, water bottles, the contents of the glovebox, the parking pass tucked in the visor, and the nice pen that maybe fell between the seat and the transmission tunnel. Then there was the inventory problem: If you wanted to have 50 Escalades available for, say, peak family summer vacation season, you might need to have 75 in the fleet.

Just one year after launching it, Cadillac is temporarily ending its expensive car subscription service, the Wall Street Journal reported. Subscribers will have 30 days to turn in the vehicles they were renting through the service, meaning they'll have to find another ride pretty quickly. Cadillac rolled out the pricey subscription plan with the intention of letting Cadillac fans swap between vehicles at will. They were allotted a total of 2, miles per month that they could put on the vehicles, and could switch rides at will up to 18 times per year. Cadillac seems set on bringing back some version of the service at a later date, but it's unlikely that it'll take keep its same form. According to the Wall Street Journal , the program was more costly than expected and suffered from some technical difficulties that complicated the whole process.


Insurance is included, there's no minimum membership length and users have access to a wide variety of Cadillac vehicles., Please view your lighbox to modify the assets. It is recommended that you download your current lightbox contents and clear its assets to add more.

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Enjoy all the luxury of a Cadillac vehicle without any of the hassles of insurance premiums, mileage restrictions, vehicle maintenance or sales tax. Planning a fun weekend away? Client meeting? Family road trip? No matter the adventure, Book By Cadillac has you covered. A dedicated concierge is on hand to manage your vehicle delivery experience and help you with any other questions or concerns.

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  1. So General Motors’ fledgling Book by Cadillac car-subscription service is a goner. Cadillac was charging $1, a month for one tier with performance sedans, a midsize crossover, and the Escalade plus-size SUV. The demise of Book by Cadillac will have at least one important social.

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