How do i know what genre my book is

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how do i know what genre my book is

Identify Your Novel's Genre - Rachelle Gardner

Or would you rather sell directly to readers through self-publishing? Agents and editors tend to specialize in a few specific genres. Unless your manuscript fits the genre an agent represents, it will end up in the slush pile. Look at the top five bestsellers in each genre. Read each book description. What does each genre emphasize?
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Image: Matthew Loffhagen. Many authors find it difficult to define the genre of their work.

How to Determine the Genre of Your Novel

When talking to an agent or publisher about your novel, practically the first thing out of your mouth should be the genre. It sets the stage, sets up an expectation, and gets your listener in the right frame of mind to understand your story. Just like on Netflix or at the Redbox, where you can choose to search movies by category thriller, action, romance, comedy, family , the genre is usually the first thing someone wants to know about your book. Here is my secret for figuring out what genre to call your novel: Find ten books whose readers will probably also like your book. Now, what genre are those books? The reason is, genres exist for the purpose of helping readers find the books they like.

Writers often ask me, “How do I figure out what genre my book is?” While the .. I don't really know what my novel's genre would be. I think it.
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Why does genre matter?

While this blog concentrates mostly on the technical aspects and marketing side of self-publishing rather than the actual writing process, the choice of your book genre can have major implications on both your writing and book marketing. Writers often start writing a novel without giving their end product much thought. So when it is finished, it might be difficult to find a precise category or book genre for a book when it comes time to publish. Finding where your book fits is a key decision. You might consider that your book is historical fiction. But does it involve a love story?

Is it a comedy, a contemporary, a fantasy, a science fiction, etc? Your book may have a lot going on, so narrowing it down to a couple categories might be challenging. Young adult is the age group I write for. Spy and thriller are the genres. Generally speaking, you determine the age of your book based on the age of your main character. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you chose the right genre.

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  1. When a reader looks for a new author to read, he or she usually browses books in genres they enjoy.

  2. So you have written your book and are geared up to send it off to publishers and agents, or perhaps you have decided to go down the self-publishing route.

  3. Agents and editors use genre to see if you know what you're writing. There's nothing an agent hates more than hearing “well, my book is a little bit of a mystery .

  4. “How do I know what genre my novel fits into?” I see this question a lot. It's not that authors aren't familiar with genres — although with the.

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