How to store books in a small apartment

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how to store books in a small apartment

22 Space-Saving Ideas to Make Any Small Apartment Feel Cozier

To part with a favorite novel can feel like throwing out an heirloom. You may need to temporarily part with a few memoirs, but you can MakeSpace for others with these creative book storage hacks for small apartments. Hallways are usually designed for a single purpose: going from point A to B. Adding shelves to the walls of your halls can turn corridors into libraries, maximizing space while showing off your literary collection. Bookshelves set perpendicular to the wall are a great way to divide a studio apartment or any multi-purpose room. If you love books, why not keep them where you spend the most time in your apartment? A simpler book storage hack, though, might be storing books at the base of your bed.
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Published 11.06.2019

How to Organize and Arrange Books - 10 Practical Ideas

Organizing Small Apartment Spaces

In this series, I will be talking about creative ways to organize a small space. Small spaces can be subjective to each person. My goal in this series is to help my visitors be inspired and look at their home differently so they can see creative solutions to make their house a home no matter what size it is. The first one in the series is book storage solutions for small spaces. Below each solution, I have included a visual example of what I am referring to.

Book Storage Hack #1: Hallway library

Subscribe to "Homedit" on YouTube to keep up with all of our videos and shows. Lots of people like to read. They find this a very relaxing activity that allows them to get rid of the stress and to disappear into a fantastic world along with the characters of the book. For example, you need to find a proper storage space for your books. View in gallery. If you want to store your books in the living room, then this space will become a sort of library.

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