How to create a good book cover

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how to create a good book cover

Book Cover Design: Create AMAZING Covers in Just 7 Steps

An author at a bookstore is bound to be impressed by the amount of creative energy in all of the book covers and overwhelmed as to how her own is going to stand out. They look for familiarity but simultaneously yearn for surprise—for something that is new and refreshing. They want a book they can be proud to hold on the subway or read on their e-reader. The author wrote the book. The design process must start with them.
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How to Design a Book Cover on a Budget -- Self-Publishing

The five steps to creating an awesome book cover design; Great places to find your book cover ideas and inspiration; Dimension requirements your ebook cover.

Book Cover Design: Your Ultimate Guide for Memorable Book Covers

But before you jump on the self-publishing bandwagon, take some time to make sure your book cover is amazing. When people browse books, whether physical or electronic, the cover is often the first piece of information they see. How does a wordsmith cultivate the images and graphic design skills needed to turn a blank cover into a captivating collage — especially while trying to keep your self-publishing costs as low as possible? Not thrilled about the idea of creating your own cover? These options may cost more, but can help ensure a polished final product… which could mean more book sales.

Whether you like it or not, your cover is the face of your book, and you will be judged by it. After all of your planning, plotting, and editing is done, the last thing you want to do is to send your book out into the world with a bad cover to die a slow, unnoticed death. Still, creating a book cover is a difficult, even perplexing job. Even seasoned book designers can make missteps with difficult texts. Here are some tips to help you along:. There are a lot of genres: cozy mystery, hardboiled mystery, space opera, epic fantasy, literary fiction. Each has its own demands.

As a self-published author, he was selling just 15 books per month. He changed his book cover design for the first book in his three-part series…and his sales of all three books tripled! Two months later, he changed the covers of the second and third books to match the first in quality, and his sales doubled again.
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Getting a professional cover design

Richard put hours upon hours into writing a book he was proud of. He had it edited, spent the time to have others beta read it, and was SO happy with the results. But…of all the many hours he spent on his book, on the proofing and even self-publishing it on Amazon , the cover design was not even a whole one of them. You see, Richard knew the contents of the book were important. What he failed to realize, however, is that people do , in fact, judge a book by its cover.

I could write an entire book just on book covers. This chapter will walk you through what you need to know about book covers, why you need a book cover designer, how to find a good one, how to work with them to ensure they create the cover you want, and how to make sure you have the right cover when the process is done. This Scribe Book School video details the exact process we use to design a great book cover. Watch it, then keep reading for a deeper understanding. In fact, we almost cannot biologically stop ourselves.

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