How to write the first chapter of a book

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how to write the first chapter of a book

How to Write an Exciting First Chapter - DIY MFA

When you decide to go to a restaurant for a special dinner, you enjoy the anticipation. You smile and order an appetizer. When it comes, you enjoy it as a foretaste of the larger, more complex courses that will follow, but you also savor it for what it is: a delicious dish, complete in itself. The first chapter is the appetizer—small, yet so tremendously important. And so full of potential.
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On Writing: the first chapter [ Logan l Avatar l Fault in our Stars l 1984 ]

The importance of your novel's first chapter cannot be overestimated. It's the chapter that introduces your book to the world — the chapter that needs to hook readers , agents and publishers alike. No pressure or anything!

7 Key Elements To Include In Your First Chapter

Do you have a story to tell? Some idea has grabbed hold of you and it matters to you a great deal, something you want to express in writing out into the world. But how do you begin, if you have never written a book before? I want to help you find your own way, offer some tips that can bring you a feeling of both order and freedom at the same time — that help you give structure to your writing and yet allow your imagination to take off wherever you want it to go. Now, there are libraries of books on writing and thousands of writing classes at schools and universities everywhere. You will want to explore some of those in depth as time goes on, for once writing has taken hold of you, knowing more about it becomes a delight, not a burden.

How satisfying is a novel that sinks its hooks in from the first page? Here are 8 ways to begin your book compellingly:. There are many reasons why we keep reading when we begin a novel. Why did these characters fall in or out of love? To captivate readers from the first chapter the inciting incident or event the event that sets the story in motion should leave the reader with unanswered questions. By the second ,we know the narrator is complicit.

BY ELIZABETH SIMS Fiction, like food, is an art and a craft. Here's how to blend inspiration with technique and serve up an irresistible Chapter.
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Character Worksheets

Sounds easy, but for some it can be rather difficult. With that said, keep these tips in mind and consider them a jumpstart to your novel-writing journey.

Although lots of writers tend to fear the muddling through the middle, first chapters and beginnings in general can be just as daunting. What is the best part of my story to use as my first chapter? In fact, I recently had one of my creative writing students ask about this very issue. The truth all us writers have doubted the perfect place to start our book, but we need to be careful not to allow this fear to prevent us from starting our novels. Tips like the five promises you make to a reader in chapter one , which I will cover in detail along with some additional writing pointers in this column. Most books start with intriguing first chapters that make several promises in chapter one.



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