Should you believe in the trinity booklet

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should you believe in the trinity booklet

Should You Believe in the Trinity?

I will add as I get them. The Paganism in Our Christianity. The resource listed above is not in the public domain. However, the video below will give some insight regarding thoughts regarding the author. The Catholic Encyclopedia.
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Should you believe in the Trinity? Brochure Defended P1

According to orthodox Trinitarian doctrine, if a person claims to be a Christian but does not believe in the Trinity, he is not saved. Not from the evidence in the Bible.

Do You Have to Believe in the Trinity to be Saved?

Examining A Publication of the Watchtower Society. We were anxious to check out this publication with it's many quotes supposedly in support of the Watchtower position. This was made extremely difficult since the Watchtower deliberately left off page numbers, authors, publishers, and edition years etc. However, we have waded through every book quoted that we could find, and so we present our examination of this publication and its web of deceit concerning Almighty God and His true identity. The Encyclopedia Americana is quoted to attempt to convey the impression that "confusion is widespread" regarding the Trinity. Note also that the Watchtower ridicules the concept that fully knowing the nature of God could be ' beyond the grasp of human reason. Now let's finish the quote.

"Should you believe in the Trinity". Our comments and expose of booklet. Text of Watchtower booklet. Click to View. In this column down to the bottom, we will.
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The purpose is to: 1. Expose a very small, but powerful, fraction of Watchtower dishonesty that runs throughout the booklet, and 2. To enhance your reading of the following dialogue, Watchtower quotes are in green and the full quote from the cited author is in red. Chris : Hi, John. Chris : Yes, I do. In fact, I found it to be full of so many interesting quotations that I decided to go down to the library to locate some of the source material.

Quick links. Board index Discussions Bible Doctrines. It is the primary purpose of this site, and most discussions will be here. Forum rules Matt ; Eccl ; 1 Pet If you're not sure what they say then please hover over them with your mouse or look them up in your own Bible before posting. I think most JW's would agree that when asked to list the most unscriptural teachings promoted by Christendom at large they would hit on: - Trinity - Hellfire - Immortal soul Those have always been the staples of differentiation, and arguably the Trinity has been the 1 for many JW's for decades.

Anyway, I have been looking online for a pdf of that notorious booklet from the early '90's I believe "Should You Believe in the Trinity? Someone has done a good job of obliterating it. I would like to refer to it in some upcoming phone calls to a 'dub relative, and would appreciate if someone could hook me up. Isn't it available here , on watchtower. I'm pretty sure that booklet is still in print. Contact your local JW. But let me know if you get a pdf version; that's one I don't have.

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  1. Most belong to churches that teach the Trinity—the doctrine that the Father, the Son, and the holy spirit together form one God. How did the Trinity become an.

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