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As part of The Dark Tower series , it is the eighth novel, but it is set chronologically between volumes four and five. In an interview in March , King stated, describing an idea for a new short story he recently had: "And then I thought, 'Well, why don't I find three more like this and do a book that would be almost like modern fairy tales? On December 1, , Stephen King posted a poll on his website, asking visitors to vote for which book he should write next and it was announced at the start of that The Wind Through the Keyhole had received most votes. It was published in various editions by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. The design of the Scribner edition cover was done by Platinum Fmd, the creators of the cover for King's novel Under the Dome , and Rex Bonomelli, Scribner's art director and designer. The preliminary version was simpler than the final version, which was designed to "give the cover a little more drama".
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The Dark Tower - Stephen King Explains Why it Failed

The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole is a.

The Dark Tower (novel)

The Gunslinger is a fantasy novel by American author Stephen King. It is the first volume in the Dark Tower series. The Gunslinger was first published in as a fix-up novel, joining five short stories that had been published between and King substantially revised the novel in , and this version is in print today. The story centers upon Roland Deschain , the last gunslinger , who has been chasing after his adversary, "the man in black ," for many years. The novel fuses Western fiction with fantasy , science fiction and horror , following Roland's trek through a vast desert and beyond in search of the man in black.

Wizard and Glass is a fantasy novel by American writer Stephen King. It is the fourth book in The Dark Tower series, published in Subtitled "Regard", it placed fourth in the annual Locus Poll for best fantasy novel. The novel begins where The Waste Lands ended. After Jake, Eddie, Susannah and Roland fruitlessly riddle Blaine the Mono for several hours, Eddie defeats the mad computer by telling childish jokes.

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It is the second book in The Dark Tower series, published by Grant in Feverish and losing strength, Roland continues to trek north along the beach, where he eventually encounters three doors. Each door opens onto New York City at different periods in time , and , respectively and, as Roland passes through these doors, he brings back the companions who will join him on his quest to the Dark Tower. The first door labeled "The Prisoner" brings Eddie Dean , a young heroin addict who is in the process of smuggling cocaine into New York for the drug lord Enrico Balazar. Roland brings Eddie back through the door so he can hide the cocaine and get through a customs inspection, but the agents become suspicious and subject him to a lengthy interrogation and surveillance. Balazar learns of these events and kidnaps Eddie's heavily addicted, older brother Henry in order to force Eddie to deliver the drugs.

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  1. The Dark Tower is a series of eight books and one short story written by American author The series, and its use of the Dark Tower, expands upon Stephen King's multiverse . The book, titled The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole, was . A five-issue adaptation of King's novel The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger.

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