Names from jane austen novels

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names from jane austen novels

45 Jane Austen Baby Names

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Jane Austen NAMES - Girls

If you're a fan of Jane Austen, you might draw inspiration for baby names from her characters. These classic baby names are perfect for parents who value.

Jane Austen Baby Names

She personifies her name, which means grace or favor, and favor does indeed come to her in an unexpected happy ending. I have a soft spot for Elinor Dashwood, the sense in Sense and Sensibility. Yes, she can be serious and practical to a fault, but I prefer to see her as steadfast, loyal, and loving — all qualities that I would love my daughter to have. Who can the resist the irrepressible, magnetic, lovely, and feisty Emma Woodhouse? After learning from her disastrous forays into matchmaking, Emma finds love and contentment with Mr. She truly personifies her name which means complete, whole, and universal. Bonus: With Henry, you can have a great nickname like Hank or Harry.

Her novels, unfinished works, and life story are drawn upon on an almost a rotating basis for new movies, television shows, and books. Her novels are also a great resource for baby name ideas. Many of her characters have names that are timeless classics: Frederick, Charles, and George among the boys; Mary, Elisabeth, and Charlotte among the girls. Aside from those classic first names, there are plenty of surnames to choose from: Darcy, Bingley, or Elton perhaps? Or place names, titles, or even house names make for interesting or unusual choices.

If you're a fan of Jane Austen, you might draw inspiration for baby names from her characters. These classic baby names are perfect for parents who value strength, sophistication, and substance. Augusta is a dignified name reminiscent of wealthy great-aunts, but with the fashion for both August and Gus for boys, Augusta could get some fresh energy. Augusta was the title of Old Norman name last current in the s, and firmly in our 'so far out it will always be out' category--despite its appearance as a Hogwarts student in Harry Potter. Caroline is a perennial classic, in the Top since Caroline came to England with

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Jane Austen was an English author who published six novels between the years an She was an expert of the courtship rites of 19 th century class system. Her stories often covered love, propriety, and marriage. Although many of her heroines were sweet on the surface, they often masked headstrong personalities. The heroes she wrote of ranged from dashing men to womanizing scoundrels. Her beloved characters rebelled against conventional standards and tarried around the English countryside in search of a decent husband, all while wearing a tight corset. Austen's themes covered woman's lack of freedom, the influence of manners on society, and the importance of independent thought.

I remember the eureka moment when I realised, on my nth reading of Persuasion , that there was something truly unusual about Mary Musgrove, the wonderfully moany and insensitive sister of the heroine, Anne Elliot. Of course! The first time is when he proposes to leave her behind with their injured child to go out to dinner. No, indeed, Charles, I cannot bear to have you go away. Only think if anything should happen? A modern couple.

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