What type of novel is wuthering heights

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what type of novel is wuthering heights

SparkNotes: Wuthering Heights: Key Facts

Wuthering Heights is not just a novel about love but also about hatred and revenge. Both the feelings of love and hatred are demonstrated strongly in the novel. The elder Earnshaw loves his kids and Heathcliff as much as he should. However, the love that Catherine feels for Edgar Linton is not as romantic or emotional. She appreciates his wealth and his conduct and whatever love she has in her heart for him is because of his status.
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Wuthering Heights (Novel) By Emily Bronte (Summary, Characters List, About The Novel)

Primary theme in Wuthering Heights

Follow the self-destructive journey of Heathcliff as he seeks revenge for losing his soul mate, Catherine , to Edgar Linton. Themes — such as good versus evil, chaos and order, selfishness, betrayal, and obsession — intertwine as the story unfolds. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights is a symbolic and psychological study of the nature of love. Major Thematic Topics: romantic love; brotherly love; love versus hate; revenge; crime and punishment; nature and culture; class structure ; good versus evil; chaos and order; selfishness; betrayal; obsession. Motifs: obsession ; revenge; rebellion. Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw are among the most famous fictional couples of all time.

Victorian society would not accept the violent characters and harsh realities of Wuthering Heights , but subsequent audiences are both more understanding and accepting of the use of unsavory aspects of human life in literature. Yet Charlotte herself was not entirely convinced of all its merits. Commenting upon the advisability of creating characters such as Heathcliff, Charlotte states, "I scarcely think it is [advisable]. In addition to having difficulty with the content, the Victorian audience's view of women could not allow anyone of that period to accept that Wuthering Heights was the creation of a female it had been published originally under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. After its initial publication, both critical and popular audiences ended up embracing Wuthering Heights , and it remains one of the classic works still read and studied. Wuthering Heights is an important contemporary novel for two reasons: Its honest and accurate portrayal of life during an early era provides a glimpse of history, and the literary merit it possesses in and of itself enables the text to rise above entertainment and rank as quality literature. The portrayal of women, society, and class bear witness to a time that's foreign to contemporary readers.

Heathcliff's motivations and responses go way beyond the flat character of the average Gothic villain. Catherine is far from the vulnerable, threatened maiden in need of rescuing. And instead of a ruined, crumbling castle, we have Wuthering Heights. Also, the novel provokes greater consideration of morality than the usual action-driven Gothic novel. Still, Wuthering Heights has plenty of spooky Gothic features, like imprisonment, dark stairways, stormy weather, nightmares, extreme landscapes, melancholy figures, moonlight and candles, torture and excessive cruelty, necrophilia, a supernatural presence, madness, maniacal behavior, communication between the living and the dead—you get the point.

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Emily Brontë

The English Gothic novel began with Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto , which was enormously popular and quickly imitated by other novelists and soon became a recognizable genre. To most modern readers, however, The Castle of Otranto is dull reading; except for the villain Manfred, the characters are insipid and flat; the action moves at a fast clip with no emphasis or suspense, despite the supernatural manifestations and a young maiden's flight through dark vaults. But contemporary readers found the novel electrifyingly original and thrillingly suspenseful, with its remote setting, its use of the supernatural, and its medieval trappings, all of which have been so frequently imitated and so poorly imitated that they have become stereotypes. The genre takes its name from Otranto's medieval—or Gothic—setting; early Gothic novelists tended to set their novels in remote times like the Middle Ages and in remote places like Italy Matthew Lewis's The Monk , or the Middle East William Beckford's Vathek , Elements of the Gothic have made their way into mainstream writing. Whether or not Wuthering Heights should be classified as a Gothic novel certainly it is not merley a Gothic novel , it undeniably contains Gothic elements.


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