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the jewel in the crown novel

The Jewel In The Crown - AbeBooks - Paul Scott:

Arrow , originally published in Book 1 of the Raj Quartet. The narrative is told from several different points of view, some directly, and others as if the characters are reminiscing to someone about the events of twenty years previously. The event which is central to the novel is the rape of an English girl, Daphne Manners, by unknown Indian assailants in the Bibighar gardens of the town; an event which we find out is part of widespread unrest resulting from the arrest of several local Congress party members by the British rulers. The books of the Raj Quartet were filmed for television back in the s when sweeping, expensive costume drama was still being made in the UK , with Susan Wooldridge as Daphne and Art Malik as Hari Kumar — though I imagine the books to have been considerably condensed for television, given the experience of reading this novel. Lady Manners is one of those unusual Britons who have Indian friends and see Indians as equal to Britons; she suggests that Daphne visit Mayapore to stay with her old friend Lili Chatterjee.
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The Jewel in The Crown

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The Jewel In The Crown

On approving the Act, the membership of the Indian National Congress — some 60, people — were promptly arrested without trial and imprisoned for the duration of the war. In response, some rioting and violent protestations broke out, arguably worsened in the absence of the leadership that may have been able to control the crowds. It is a merciless tour de force and a powerful commentary on colonialism, racism, class and caste prejudice, religious and cultural differences in a dangerous time with emotions running high in a very complex environment. Within this context, three people who tried to straddle two worlds, who tried to find reconciliation and a place for themselves within it, are themselves torn apart and destroyed. This is, as it says on the very first page, the story of a rape. Daphne Manners is a young woman who, having lost her parents in the war, moves to India to live with her nearest living relative, her Aunt Ethel.

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Seller Rating:. - No set of novels so richly recreates the last days of India under British rule-"two nations locked in an imperial embrace"-as Paul Scott's historical tour de force, The Raj Quartet. The Jewel in the Crown opens in as the British fear both Japanese invasion and Indian demands for independence.

The novel is written in the form of interviews and reports of conversations or research and other portions are in the form of letters epistolary form or diary entries. Much of the novel is written in the form of interviews and reports of conversations and research from the point of view of a narrator. Other portions are in the form of letters from one character to another or entries in their diaries. Still others take the form of reports from an omniscient observer. The story is set in in Mayapore, a fictional city in an unnamed province of British India. The province, which is located in northern India, shares characteristics with Punjab and the United Provinces. The names of places and people suggest a connection to Bengal ; however, the physical characteristics place the setting in north-central India, rather than in northeast India.

The central story is that of a young British woman named Daphne Manners who is living in Mayapore, a fictional Indian town. Daphne falls in love with an Indian man named Hari Kumar, who was raised in England but has returned to India after the death of his father. Their relationship is controversial in the small town, where the Europeans, Indians, and those of mixed race are all segregated into separate parts of town. Daphne and Hari meet one night in a secluded park called the Bibighar Gardens where they make love for the first time. After, they are attacked by a group of Indian men. Hari is tied up and Daphne is raped.

India everything is in flux. World War II has shown that the British are not invincible and the self-rule lobby is gaining many supporters. Against this background, Daphne Manners, a young English girl, is brutally raped in the Bibighat Gardens. The racism, brutality and hatred launched upon the head of her young Indian lover echo the dreadful violence perpetrated on Daphne and reveal the desperate state of Anglo-Indian relations. The rift that will eventually prise India - the jewel in the Imperial Crown - from colonial rule is beginning to gape wide. Rarely have the sounds and smells and total atmosphere been so evocatively suggested". A mighty literary experience".

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  1. The Jewel in the Crown is the novel by Paul Scott that begins his Raj Quartet. The four-volume novel sequence of the Quartet is set during the final days of.

  2. Start by marking “The Jewel in the Crown (The Raj Quartet, #1)” as Want to Read: No set of novels so richly recreates the last days of India under British rule--"two nations locked in an imperial embrace"--as Paul Scott's historical tour de force, " The Raj Quartet.".

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