Saya e dewar bhi nahi novel summary

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saya e dewar bhi nahi novel summary

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It's adaption is drama serial, Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi. She doesn't knew that she is their step-daughter but she had always thought they are her biological parents. Shahabuddin and Zara also have a daughter, Tabassum, married and has one daughter, Shah Zain and one son, Usman. Shahabuddin has one nephew, Hyder, son of his prison and late father. Hyder's parents arrange Hyder's marriage with Tahira, who is maternal mother-side cousin of Hyder. Hyder and Shehla start taking interest in each other but never marry each other.
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Saya e Dewar Bhi Nahi Episode 11 Hum Tv

Since her father was a Syed he was chief of his tribe and a much honorable man. Shehla was brought up and pampered a lot in his mansion.

Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi (novel)

Sign in. The story is of Shehla and Hyder who are in love with Each Other but cannot may due to their different dynasties but Shehla is unaware of this fact. She thinks that she is still Syed by her father Shahabuddin. But she listens Hyder and her father's conversation that he says him that Shehla is not his daughter but she was adopted by him somewhere. So Shehla is not 'Syed' and so Hyder is not her cousin and she cannot marry him on 'Syed' controversy. Her father marries Shehla with his friend Mairaj's son Malik Mansoor, a egoistic who is in love with Shiza.

With so many channels coming out these days, the viewers have a lot of choice in terms of what play should they be watching in the middle of the week. In what looks like a sober family drama, saw its first episode recently with a promises to be worth our time as it shows a family which has values, and cherishes decisions made by elders in the house without throwing any tantrums. The play, which has been written by Qaisra Hayat, is based on her novel of the same title. The cast includes the two most respected actors in our industry, Jamal Shah and Irfan Khoosat, who are playing best friends. Whereas Shah Sahab Jamal Shah is a very dignified character who treats his wife and daughters with lots of love and respect and dotes on his grandchildren who have come to visit him along with their mother, Tabbasum Shamayal Tareen , the family is a down-to-earth family, which is different from the usual cliched stories seen otherwise.

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It is directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and written by Qaisara Hayat based on her novel of same name. It stars Ahsan Khan and Naveen Waqar in main roles. Since her father was a Syed he was chief of his tribe and a much honorable man. Shehla was brought up and pampered a lot in his mansion. Shehla grew older and was unknown to fact that she was adopted. She fell in love with Haider Ahsan Khan , her cousin and Shahab's nephew and both had the desire to get married to each other. But according to Syed family law a Syed man must marry a Syed woman and since Shehla was adopted, she was not a Syed girl.

We all love a good drama that keeps us hooked, don't we? It makes us so proud to see a final product come onto the screen which has a good storyline, talented cast and top quality direction. Will Shehla and Haider reunite? Sayae Dewar Bhi Nahi tomorrow at 8pm. Originally a novel written by Qaisra Hayat, it has now been made into a drama.

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