Ways to begin a novel

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ways to begin a novel

How to start writing a novel: 10 things to do right away | Jericho Writers

It was a simple if not overused phrase but it had the power to immediately transport me to another time and place. Once I heard those four magical words, I was primed and pumped. In your first page, you offer a promise to the reader. It persuades them to stick the story until the end. Writing the beginning of a novel is hard work.
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How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author

Starting a novel? Here are the 10 things to do right away

Learning how to write a good hook, if I really had to choose, is truly the toughest thing. So how can you start a story with a bang? Here are 12 tips for how to write a good hook! Shocking readers immediately with a jarring moment, visual, or confession will get them excited to read on. One of my favorite novels, the Pulitzer-winning Middlesex , starts with a doozy of a first line:.

When first starting out in my early 20s, I tried the write and hope approach. This meant starting with an idea and some characters, and seeing where it took me. This is the kind of thing Stephen King advocates in his book On Writing. So, in frustration, I decided to put a plan in place next time around. And guess what, it worked.

In this age of instant gratification, short attention spans, and tons of other great fiction to compete with, a novel’s beginning needs to grab the reader. So how can you start a story with a bang? Here are 12 tips for how to write a good hook!.
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Start With Action

How satisfying is a novel that sinks its hooks in from the first page? Here are 8 ways to begin your book compellingly:. There are many reasons why we keep reading when we begin a novel. Why did these characters fall in or out of love? To captivate readers from the first chapter the inciting incident or event the event that sets the story in motion should leave the reader with unanswered questions. By the second ,we know the narrator is complicit.

Wondering how to start a novel? Good luck to all of you. But if you want more than luck, read these tips for how to start a novel and avoid some frequent pitfalls! Starting 5 or 10 pages before the beginning of the story. This is the most common mistake I see in books I edit.

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