Ip routing protocols pdf

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ip routing protocols pdf

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) - GeeksforGeeks

RIP Routing Information Protocol is a forceful protocol type used in local area network and wide area network. RIP Routing Information Protocol type is categorized interior gateway protocol within the use of distance vector algorithm. Routing information protocols defined in It also has version 2 and nowadays both versions are in use. Router used it to exchange routing data within an independent system. Interior gateway routing protocol created in part to defeat the confines of RIP Routing Information Protocol in large networks. It maintains multiple metrics for each route as well as reliability, MTU, delay load, and bandwidth.
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Routing Protocols - TYPES of Routing Protocol - Fundamental Concepts

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Interior gateway protocol

An interior gateway protocol IGP is a type of protocol used for exchanging routing information between gateways commonly routers within an autonomous system for example, a system of corporate local area networks. This routing information can then be used to route network-layer protocols like IP. Interior gateway protocols can be divided into two categories: distance-vector routing protocols and link-state routing protocols. By contrast, exterior gateway protocols are used to exchange routing information between autonomous systems and rely on IGPs to resolve routes within an autonomous system. Distance-vector routing protocols use the Bellman—Ford algorithm. In these protocols, each router does not possess information about the full network topology.



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  1. Routing Information Protocol RIP is a dynamic routing protocol which uses hop count as a routing metric to find the best path between the source and the destination network.

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