Louis kervran biological transmutations pdf

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louis kervran biological transmutations pdf

eBooks(PDF): Biological Transmutation, PDF

Exclusive Report to the Bionutrient Food Association. That would get everyone's attention, yes? But really, these days, who cares? Now, there's a gold mine. The fact is, we haven't had much success transmuting lead into gold, and what we have transmuted usually turns out to be radio-active.
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Transmutations in Biology - Mystical Science Pt5

Kervran's claim that “the evidence for biological transmutation is so over- . excited by Louis Kervran's theory of biological transmutation. This Or, see frikilife.com for all books and PDF down- loads of.

Biological Transmutation, PDF

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Book Review. Biological Transmutations. Louis Kervran. Happiness Press, Reprinted Reading this translation and compilation of a number of Prof.

Biological Transmutations by Professor Louis C Kervran English translation by Michel Abehsera is an investigation into the possible natural changing of elements into different forms by life forms such as animals and plants. The original French version of the Biological Transmutations book by Corentin Louis Kervran was published a long time ago in Kervran wrote a number of follow up books. Topics covered include the natural transmutations of Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and other subjects like Agriculture and Medicine. The classic examples that triggered previous investigation over the centuries are where does the limestone mainly calcium carbonate come from when it is found inside an incubating egg, the chicks skeleton and its shell - also the amount of lime excreted by hens? Especially if the Hens are on non limestone rock or soil or fed any calcium? My parents had a few chickens which they kept in a chicken coop adjoining a yard.

PDF | Over the past two centuries a large number of experiments with Biological transmutations .. Louis Kervran is certainly the most well-known scie n-.
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Prof. Biberian's Transmutation Research:

Kervran proposed that nuclear transmutation occurs in living organisms, which he called "biological transmutation". He had no known scientific explanation for it. Such transmutations are not possible according to mainstream physics , chemistry and biology. Proponents of biological transmutations fall outside mainstream physics and are not part of the scientific discourse. In the s, Louis Kervran claimed to have conducted experiments and studies demonstrating violations of the law of conservation of mass by biological systems, according to which the amount of each chemical element is preserved in all chemical reactions. Specifically he claimed that organisms can transmute potassium into calcium by nuclear fusion in the course of making an egg shell:. Since biological systems do not contain mechanisms to produce the speed, temperature and pressure necessary for such reactions, even for extremely short periods of time, this contradicts basic physical laws.

Online books, journals for academic research, plus bibliography tools. Maloine S. Publisher, Paris ISBN [Transcribed from an unpublished manuscript of the English translation -- a few paragraphs are unreadable in my photocopy of the manuscript, and some sections are missing. The present work consists of two distinctly separate parts. Firstly, I cite some new experiments, completed since the appearance of my book which was submitted for printing in and which was published in Biological Evidence of Low Energy Transmutations Maloine Publications, Paris,

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