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NCBI Bookshelf. Gentilcore D, Smith M, editors. Yet, as this chapter demonstrates, this debate is not a new one. Rather, the modern link between sugar and disease can be traced to the s when a dialogue emerged in response to the post-war rise in chronic disease. Utilising published and unpublished texts of the late British nutritionist and anti-sugar campaigner John Yudkin, this chapter explores the numerous factors which shaped his ideas about sugar and the mediums used to propagate these to the public. Placing the history of advice about sugar in historical perspective, it provides an analysis of several key themes: the rise of nutrition science, the emergence of the state as a nutritional authority, the role of gender and cultural ideals in prescribing dietary advice, and the influence of commercial and professional interests in shaping public information concerning diet.
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Sugar: Pure, White, Addictive, and Deadly

Pure, White and Deadly

The book and author suffered a barrage of criticism at the time, particularly from the sugar industry , processed-food manufacturers, and Ancel Keys , an American physiologist who argued in favour of restricting dietary fat, not sugar, and who sought to ridicule Yudkin's work. Two further editions of the book were published, the second after Yudkin's death in An expanded version appeared in , revised by Yudkin himself, to include much additional research evidence. In the book was re-published by Penguin Books with a new introduction by Robert Lustig to reflect the changed nutritional context that the book had helped to create. The book was first published in in New York by the publisher Peter H. Pure, White and Deadly was used for subsequent editions and is the title by which the book became known.

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Yudkin wrote several books recommending low-carbohydrate diets for weight loss, including This Slimming Business He gained an international reputation for his book Pure, White and Deadly , which warned that the consumption of sugar sucrose , which consists of fructose and glucose is dangerous to health, an argument he had made since at least His father's death left six-year-old Yudkin and his four brothers to be raised by their mother in considerable poverty. He matriculated at Christ's College, Cambridge as a scholar, and graduated in biochemistry at the age of 20 in He worked for his PhD in the Department of Biochemistry at Cambridge under the supervision of Marjory Stephenson , a pioneer of research in bacterial metabolism, who funded his work. His account of the phenomenon inspired the research of Jacques Monod , who later worked out a detailed mechanism for the induction of enzymes in bacteria and was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work. In Yudkin married Milly Himmelweit, who had recently left Berlin to escape the worsening political situation.

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