How to lock a pdf in preview

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how to lock a pdf in preview

2 Solutions to Unlock PDF On Mac

Never let anyone bump into your project without your permission! Read on to password-protect your PDF files on your Mac so that your sensitive information has the needed shield to thwart unauthorized access Confidential files are supposed to stay secure at all cost. To keep the prying eyes at bay or offer an additional shield to your sensitive information, never fail to password protect your PDF files on your Mac. The Preview app for Mac makes it pretty easy to safeguard any doc with an extra layer of defense.
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Published 17.09.2019

Quickly Password Protect PDF Files in Mac OS without any Software

In Preview on your Mac, protect a PDF by adding a password that everyone must enter to open the file.

Lock PDFs and images in Preview on Mac

The best way to keep your confidential information secure in a PDF file is to add password protection to it. This way, when someone tries to access the file, he or she will have to enter a password that is only known to you and the authorized receiver. Doing this helps you to prevent any unauthorized access to your PDF files. On the other hand, there are times when you need to remove the password protection from your PDF files so they can be viewed by everyone. Usually, this happens when you send a PDF file to someone who does not know how to unlock it using a password, and so on.

But how do you protect what you share? You can encrypt your PDFs so that others can't copy your text or images, or even print the document. Here's how to do it using only OS X's built-in tools. Download Macworld Video To subscribe to the Macworld Video stream via iTunes, click here. Subscribe to that channels and you will be notified whenever we post a new video. Or just point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader to: the video feed.

Unlock PDF on Mac if You Know the Password

The PDF format is handy as a cross-platform approach to preserving document layout and structure; PDFs are commonly used for electronic forms with editable fields for you to fill in data. While this is convenient, if you have a PDF form you are managing, you may run into an issue if you want to save the PDF's entered data in a static form that can no longer be edited., When you have a locked PDF, you cannot edit, copy or even view it if it requires an open password. Wondershare PDF password remover for Mac can be used to help you remove the PDF permission password if you have an emergency situation where you don't have access to the password.


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  1. If you need to create an encrypted PDF with password protection, forget about buying Adobe Acrobat or other expensive software, because Mac OS X has you covered with built-in tools.

  2. In Preview on your Mac, you can lock a document, preventing others from editing or deleting your work.

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