How to debate leftists and destroy them free pdf

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how to debate leftists and destroy them free pdf

11 rules for debating a Leftist from Ben Shapiro - TheBlaze

Below are Shapiro's 11 rules for debating a Leftist, with a brief excerpt detailing each rule from his new book, which you can download over at Truth Revolt. And they know you are the enemy. You will be castigated. You have to take the punch, you have to brush it off. You have to be willing to take the punch.
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How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them 11 Rules for Winning the Argument

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Ben Shapiro

Recently, I came across a surprising book beside the tills in Waterstones. Political Correctness Gone Mad? I thought this one was worth investigating. For two painful hours, the antagonists failed to agree on a definition of political correctness that would make the debate fit for purpose. Even Peterson and Fry were talking at cross-purposes.

How To Destroy Leftists In Debate. By Ben . better than conservatives – it makes them feel good to hate .. stitution and call it “your little book” – rejecting a .
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He is best known for his largely fact-free criticisms of "left-wing" ideas; in particular, he is famous for the phrase facts don't care about your feelings. Shapiro also once stormed off a BBC interview when the interviewer read his quotes back to him.

The problem, as Ben Shapiro puts it in this must-read, is that because conservatives dont think about how to win that they constantly lose in confrontations with leftists. The solution is to stop taking the bullying and learning to argue for victory. Among Shapiros rules for beating the left in confrontations are: Be willing to take a punch. Hit hard, hit first. Immediately frame the debate. When youre discussing global warming , for example, the proper question is not whether man is causing global warming but whether man can fix global warminga question to which the universally acknowledged answer is no unless we are willing to revert to the pre industrial age.

It isn't. It's a fun time. He is among a growing class of pundits—call them the Free Speech Grifters—who flog PC culture as a singularly eminent threat to the freedom of expression in America. And Burr, a decidedly un-PC comic, punctured the narrative. After that interview, Burr never appeared on Real Time again. In just the past month, Weiss has appeared on Real Time twice, most recently to discuss the dust-up over her identifying an American-born Asian as an immigrant. Weiss sidestepped measured criticisms and mild mockery so that she could claim that she was crucified because she "departs from woke orthodoxy.

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