How to draw a 3d bookshelf

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how to draw a 3d bookshelf

How to draw 3d bookshelf

Perspective is a drawing technique that shows objects in all their 3-D glory even on a flat piece of paper or canvas. The trick: using lines that recede to express a sense of distance. Artists and architects use three different types of perspective to convey depth and space in their work. Here we're going to focus on one-point perspective — the kind you need to sketch a room, building or road straight-on. But if you know the rules, it's a snap.
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3ds Max Bookshelf Modeling Tutorial (Basic)

How to Draw a Book Shelf step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults.


Learning to draw from your imagination is essential for entertainment art. Animators, illustrators, concept artists, these types of artists can all draw from their imagination with incredible accuracy. Awesome resources like Drawabox can help you pick up these skills for free. Figure Drawing: Design and Invention places a heavy focus on inventing the figure based on references and past experiences. This can be done easier if you learn the basics of human anatomy and use surface level features to dictate your sketches.

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A book shelf is about the most useful, yet simple thing in the whole world to build. It is essentially a box without a side and a shelf slapped in the middle for literature. If you can cut a right angle yes, you can , you can build a book shelf. More importantly, this is a great project to get your kids in on. You know that they have toy creep and need a place to keep things, why not take 'em down to the lumber yard and get some 1x10's and build a book shelf. Plus, you still get to put it together!!!

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In the opened dialog box, set the necessary size of our artboard and choose the RGB color mode. Apply a stroke and set the fill to blank using the Tools palette.

Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. My previous two shelves from the introduction were free books that my public library was trying to get rid of. Use a book you don't mind never reading again. Measure the half way point, make a mark, set down your bracket, draw an outline, measure again, cut out a hole deep enough that the bracket will set flush.

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